Check out some of Rihanna’s long hairdos, from Long-Hairstyles:

Rihanna is one of the most adored and inspiring celebrities around the world. She has adopted many different hairstyles from short pixies to trending bob haircuts and also long hairstyles.

When she sports long hair she generally adopts super long hairstyles. She has changed her hair color from dark black to red and ash blonde too!

The first pic shows that she can adopt a classy super long hairstyle with waves in a stylish way. A deep side-parted style is perfect for special occasions.

She looks really nice with a sleek straight dark long hairstyle – it flatters her facial features nicely. She has also sported her naturally curly hair with her long hair and looked really stylish and chic.

1. Rihanna Long Wavy Hairdo

Rihanna Long Hair

2. Rihanna Long Blonde Hairstyle

Rihanna Long Hairstyles

3. Rihanna Long Dark Hair

Rihanna Long Haircuts

4. Rihanna Long Hair Style Ponytail

Rihanna Long Hair Styles

5. Rihanna Long Red Hair

Rihanna with Long Hair


Rihannas Long Hair


Rihannas Long Hair


Rihannas Long Hair


Rihannas Long Hair


Rihannas Long Hair


Rihannas Long Hair


Rihannas Long Hair-12


Rihannas Long Hair-13


Rihannas Long Hair-14


Rihannas Long Hair-15

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