Neutral tones are able to set a beautiful foundation to any room, any nook, and any cranny of the house. By going with a blendable, versatile shade, one gets the freedom of mixing, matching, and transforming without pigeonholing the end vision. Today, we’re taking a peek at 15 neutral colors for your trendy home makeover. Use these as a catalyst to your creation!

1. Stone

Stone is a beautiful foundation for the bedroom because of all the varying possibilities. From contemporary to mid-century modern, there’s always a relaxing edge placed within the style. This beautiful room has a lot of feminine power but finished with a chic charm as well.

2. Marshmallow

Bright and light, marshmallow white is another wonderful and easy way to create a stunning foundation to any room of the house. vanOmmeren-architecten showcased this hallway and we thought it was a great setup for an ultra contemporary mudroom or foyer area. A bit of natural wood and black accent provides just the right right contrast.

3. Onyx

If you’re thinking about going with a darker neutral to set the tone, think about an onyx shade of black. There’s a pearl-ish context to the finish which provides a bout of femininity to the harshness. Check out this stunner of a nursery at Laurel Bern Interiors.

4. Butter

This light and buttery cream is a great shade to go with for family areas. The living room or the kitchen can be dressed in this neutral with super ease. We love how this area was accented by soft grays and sky blues to make an even more welcoming ethos.

5. Mist

This misty, morning gray bedroom is another one to fall in love with. There’s an easy romance that surrounds this shade and one that’s versatile for all room of the house. It’s also a great choice for those that want a subtle masculinity infused.

6. Taupe

Taupe is an ideal neutral shade to incorporate as well. It plays with both ends of the neutral spectrum – from white to brown to black – with ease. Check out some traditional inspiration by visiting this idea and others at Ideal Home.

7. Crystal

A clearer, transculecent white is really nice as well – especially when there’s a lot of natural light coming in through windows. This setup found on Theeverygirl is a beautiful example of that kind of “crystal” neutral and how to use it. It’s accented by trendy pieces and a youthful vision.

8. Sparrow

If you want to invite in some warmth, think about using a sparrow tone inside the home office. It will envelope you and create a relaxing atmosphere, conducive for work. This space combines a beautiful mix of contemporary tone and farmhouse qualities.

9. Linen

An even creamier white, in the form of linen, is what’s lining this bedroom. Offset by vintage flavors and a bit of gold, it’s a great way to go when you’re in need of creating extra space and opening up rooms to their fullest potential.

10. Ash

Neuman Hayner Architects had this gorgeous home on display and we snatched it up because of its ash gray utilization. It covers the walls nicely with a calm, coolness, and contrasts beautifully with charcoal tones too. We love the edge, the youth, and the masculine energy found throughout the living area.

11. Chestnut

Southern Living had a chestnut brown formal living room that we had to feature as well. For those of you who want to infuse a more traditional and souther style into the home, this is a beautiful space to gather inspiration from. The cream furniture really does this rich shade of brown justice.

12. Oatmeal

A cool neutral that also provides a romantic and relaxed presence in the bedroom. Paired with taupe and off-white, it’s a way to create a monochromatic scheme without becoming boring or too stuffy. You can easily add some pastel shades in here as well for an extra bout of personalization.

13. Midnight

A midnight blue can act as a black-spectrum neutral. It’s deep enough to do the job of the best and blackest of tones, but with a richness that’s still inviting. Contrast this deep-walled living room from Huffingtonpost with similar ivory furniture.

14. Vanilla

A vanilla neutral is perfect for the kitchen. This space from Laurel Bern Interiors will easily have you swooning. We love the textures and how they pair with the touchable white beautifully.

15. Honeydew

Finally, check out this beautiful design for more looks into this zen-inspired living space. The honeydew walls act as a unique but usable neutral inside the home. It also will pair well with creams and grays.

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