Its beyond any doubt that feathers are best suited on birds, but we can definitely take inspiration from these and come up with some really creative products.

Peacock Feather Bowtie: You may have many neckties but we are sure none can match this bold and colorful Peacock Feather Bowtie. Buy Now.

Peacock Feather Bowtie

Feather Bookmark: How about using a feather as a bookmark? The Feather Bookmark is feather inspired bookmark that flattens out when placed in a book and returns to its original curved shape once removed. Buy Now.

Feather Bookmark

Feathers Memo Holder: The Freddy Feathers Memo Holder is just the thing you need to show off your memos. Just spread its tail and place your notes, postcards and photos to create a colorful display on your desktop? Buy Now.

Feathers Memo Holder

Magnetic Feathers: The Magnetic Feathers turn your wall into a contemporary pin board creating a whimsical work of art out of your to do lists. Buy Now.

Magnetic Feathers

Peacock Feathers Lollipops: The Peacock Feathers Lollipops come in brilliant blue and green that’s just the thing you need to give a touch of flair to your event. Buy Now.

Peacock Feathers Lollipops

Feather Ring: You must have had many rings, how about giving the Feather Ring a try? Buy Now.

Feather Ring

Feather Bracelet: This cute feather bracelet comes in either gold or silver knotted with Irish linen cord. Buy Now.

Feather Bracelet

Bandana Bib: The Bandana Bib features feathers on a white background making it perfect for the new baby. Buy Now.

Bandana Bib

Feather Pendant: The Feather Pendant is a large bohemian feather in bronze tone metal making it a perfect focal point on a boho style necklace. Buy Now.

Feather Pendant

Mini Peacock Feather Skirt: The Mini Peacock Feather Skirt is made of multi-layer peacock feather fringe, fully lined with satin, and comes with wide elastic waist band. Buy Now.

Mini Peacock Feather Skirt

Tiny Hoop Earring: The Tiny Hoop Earring is handmade; it’s a gold hoop with tiny leaf. Buy Now.

Tiny Hoop Earring

Feather Armband: This elegant white feather armband looks really cute. Buy Now.

Feather Armband

Feather Earrings: The gold dipped Feather Earrings is sure to look really cute on you. Buy Now.

Feather Earrings

Adjustable Feather Ring: It’s an adjustable feather ring. Buy Now.

Adjustable Feather Ring

Chip Paperclip Holder: The Chip Paperclip Holder features internal magnets to attract paperclips and once you place paperclips on the bird it creates the effect of plumy feathers. Buy Now.

Chip Paperclip Holder

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