There is a real balancing act for families with young kids who prefer modern styles of decorating. You definitely want your home to feel welcoming and kid friendly but you don’t want too many brightly colored kid spaces. Even when it comes to the backyard! Fairy gardens are novel and swing sets are entertaining, but those don’t necessarily match the modern landscaping and minimal design. Lucky for you, there are lots of modern playhouse designs that even the chicest parent will approve of. Take a look at these 15 modern playhouse for modern backyards and get brainstorming for your own kid worthy retreat.

If you’re worried about the cost of a new playhouse among all your other landscaping expenses, put those worries to rest with a simple wood hut. The plywood look will blend right into the light wood tones of your home and as long as they can take their dolls and cars inside, your kids won’t know the difference. (via A Cup of Jo)

Every kid dreams of having a treehouse at some point in their lives. Take advantage of the large trees in your yard and hoist your modern playhouse up into the branches. You’ll bring Peter Pan and all the Lost Boys to your backyard. (via Duende PR)

Not every yard is blessed with big enough trees to hold a treehouse, but that doesn’t mean your child will go without. Build them a two story playhouse that will get them up high without the branches. (via Austin outdoor design)

Climbing is always a hit with young kids, especially the boys. Keep them out of your trees by providing a climbing wall on their playhouse that will allow them to climb to safe heights with plenty of footholds. (via Dwell)

Looking for a way to entertain toddlers in your modern backyard? You can build this cute little house in a weekend! It will be perfectly safe for little climbers plus accommodating for the mommy baby picnics you’ll have in there. (via Kindled Photography)

One of the fastest ways to make something modern is to give it an unexpected shape. Use a normal playhouse building plan but give it circular windows to give the kid’s space a modern flair. (via Themarionhousebook)

A playhouse doesn’t necessarily need to be an enclosed square. Build a jungle jim that looks like a house but without walls. It will end up being more of a sculpture in your backyard that the kids will love. (via All For The Boys)

Sometimes there isn’t enough space in one playhouse for two kids. That’s when the mini neighborhood comes into play. Let them have their own box to decorate how they like and help them learn how to be nice neighbors.

When you live in the wide open spaces, you can’t have enough windows. Give your kids a space full of windows where they can feel the breeze while they play house. (via Smart Playhouse)

If you live in a place that is basically twilight for half the year, you’ll need to pimp out your playhouse a bit. Install a light so your kids can play outside no matter what time it is. (via Made By Joel)

While you’re installing electricity, you might as well insulate the little space to create a mini house in the backyard. This will keep the bugs out and make an inviting space for your kids no matter their age. (via House Tweaking)

Do you have a deck on the back of your house? Think about adding a little deck onto your kids’ playhouse as well! They’ll enjoy having their friends for lemonade on their deck while you have your cocktails with their friends’ parents on yours. (via Chrissy Powers)

Don’t delegate swings to the park. You can easily add two or three to the side of your modern playhouse and it will in no way diminish the modern look. In fact, it will keep your kids playing outside longer. (via Retro Renovation)

Using a bright pop of color is a great way to make any playhouse look as modern as they come. Choose whatever bright pop you have in your home to make it blend or go with something contrasting to give it the feel of a kids only space. (via Baldridge)

Of course, if you have an active child, you want to create a space that can keep up with their energy. Constructing a teepee in favor of a square playhouse can give you lots of options for climbing and swinging and plenty of other activities to get them tired out. (via Apartment Therapy)

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