minimalist modern indoor planters

minimalist modern indoor planters

I love plants but I until recently I couldn’t even keep succulents alive.  I did a bit of research and found that rubber plants are the easiest plants to look after.  In fact they are nearly impossible to kill.  I bought myself one a while ago which now lives in my bathroom of all places!  I was still fully expecting it to die on me and guess what? It didn’t.  It’s alive and well and it’s even grown!

Now I’m on the lookout for a nice pot for my gorgeous, growing plant and while I was searching I came across so many beautiful modern indoor planters that I had to share.  After all the plant is just one part of the equation – the pot or planter it goes in is just as important.

minimalist plant pots

15 modern indoor planters


modern indoor planters


1. minimalist concrete plant pot – the colour and the understated design of this plant pot make it a beautiful addition to any home.  And because this pot is made of porous concrete, it will absorb water and develop a weathered look over time. 

2. terracotta planter with stand – these simple planters have a clean, modern design that I’m loving.  They also come in matt black but I like the contrast of the terracotta with the black metal.

3. grey concrete plant pot – this plant pot is super budget friendly yet you wouldn’t tell from the stylish looking concrete finish.  It comes in various different sizes so you can get a few to dot around your home.

4. square planter – it’s fun to mix up your plant pots in different shapes and sizes and this square planter is just the thing to do that.  This modern indoor planter is also made of concrete which is the perfect material for minimal looks.

5. curvy plant pot – this nude coloured ceramic plant pot has all the beauty without the fuss. The flowing curved design looks sculptural and the colour is just stunning.

6. black hourglass plant pots – apart from their looks, these metal plant pots can be used either way. Use the smaller end for smaller plants or flip over for larger ones.

7.  speckled sand planters – these curvy earthenware plant pots have a hidden drainage tray under which means you can’t drown your plants (if you’re like me, that could be a life saver!).  Apart from this, I’m loving the speckled finish and the chunky round shape.

8. round concrete pot – the rectangular handles on this round plant pot give this minimalistic pot an interesting yet subtle detail.  The natural concrete color is always a winner because it fits in anywhere and looks great.

9. painted terracotta pot – this terracotta plant pot has a weathered kind of finish with a modern shape.  There’s a black version too but for me this weathered look and pale colour is the winner!

10. faded terracotta pot – I love the washed out colour of this pot and the simplicity of the design.  This plant pot can be used inside and outside but I think it’s too pretty to leave anywhere you can’t see it all the time.

11. circular grey plant pot – made from lightweight polystone, this round plant pot would make a beautiful centrepiece on any table.  I love how the pot is flush with the saucer, just adding to it’s minimalist looks and appeal.

12. terrazzo plant pot – who doesn’t love a bit of terrazzo especially in these neutral tones?  If you want to add a bit of subtle pattern to your decor, this is the plant pot for you.

13. camel coloured plant pot – this minimalist ceramic plant pot has those round sculptural handles which elevate it to another level. And the natural camel color is another thing I’m loving about it.

14. goblet shaped plant pot – the goblet shape of this plant pot is so striking.  Paired with the pale terracotta tone, this planter is simple yet so stylish.

15. speckled mini pot – this pot is little in size but big in looks.  The simplicity of the colours and the subtle speckling all add to it’s beautiful looks. Made of textured clay, I bet this pot is looks even better in real life.

I already have number 3 and while I want to get them all, the next one I’m tempted to get is number 1 or 10 – I can’t decide which.  Which of these modern indoor planters is favourite?

Top image by Alvhem, second image by Hay

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