best Easter Wood Crafts

1. A Couple of Wooden Carrots

A Couple of Wooden Carrots

Easter is round the corner and the festive house decor is never enough. Add a couple of super easy to make wooden carrots that accent the decor with utmost beauty and also bring a rustic farmhouse appeal to your setting. You need to start with grabbing wooden planks and turning them to carrots with the help of a mould. Give them the look of a carrot with orange and green shades and also finish them with bows made of straw. Also give them the support of wooden logs for the display.

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2. Scrap Wood Chevron Easter Egg

Scrap Wood Chevron Easter Egg

Super funky Easter eggs coming in versatile patterns are a major part for the decor and a little change gives beautiful results just like this gorgeous chevron Easter eggs made with wood. Cutting a hardboard panel in the shape of an egg brings the base to life. Move ahead by putting all the wooden scrap pieces on the base and shape them according to your pattern. Stain some pieces for accent stripes giving more definition to the piece. Display the rustic egg in your mantel or porch decor.

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3. Bunny Crossing Sign from Fence Pickets

Bunny Crossing Sign from Fence Pickets

Instead of only protecting our lawns, the fence pickets can also be repurposed in DIY projects like this super easy one here. Start by grabbing two fence panels and paint them in the color of your choice. Move ahead by painting the words to the boards that say ‘Bunny Crossing’. Also top the sign with a cute bunny drawing that completes the board and attach the pieces to a post. You can also accent the post with accessories to make it cuter.

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4. Make 2X4 Bunny Blocks

Make 2X4 Bunny Blocks

Even a simple piece sometimes makes a show stopping statement in the decor that is also easy to put together and does not poke a hole in your pocket. All you have to do is grab some 2×4 wooden blocks and start by painting one side of your squares in paints of your choice. Add your vinyl bunny silhouette to the painted side and apply the paint again. Apply two coats of the cream colored paint and remove the vinyl sticker. Give a weathered look to the blocks and put them to display.

Details :  ishouldbemoppingthefloor

5. Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny

Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny

If you have a bunch of leftover baseboards and scrap wood in your garage then turn them into a piece of splendour that will surely steal the show in your decor. With the help of a bunny stencil, cut the wooden boards in shape and stick the piece to a backing wood board that provides support for the bunny to stand. Do the same for the feet of the bunny and accent the piece with a ribbon bow. The versatile texture of the different panels bring a stunning look.

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6. Wood Easter Basket Bunny Shaped Trug

Wood Easter Basket Bunny Shaped Trug

Why go for store bought decor when you can bring life to something so cute and perfect by only putting some scrap wood to use. All you need to do is grab plywood scraps, a wooden handle and two cedar fence pickets. Start by cutting the front with big bunny ears and move further by shaping the back. Attach the fence pickets to the sides and the handle for support. A plywood board forms the base on the bottom. Paint the little trug in bright tones of your choice and accent it with a bunny tail.

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7. Layered Garden Bunnies

Layered Garden Bunnies

Nothing can be more delightful than a easy to do project that is suitable for beginners and also little kiddos. This project does not require much work and is a perfect item for gifting and for decor. You just need to cut some wooden boards that can be pine or cedar like the body parts of a bunny like arms, legs, face, etc. Putting the pieces together is an easy job, while the painting also requires less work as they are to be painted in a single color.

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8. Rustic Whitewashed Wooden Cross

Rustic Whitewashed Wooden Cross

Repurposing stuff that has been lying around gives life to some of the most gorgeous pieces just like this stunning one here that is put together with some old wood and a glass jar. Flaunting the rustic beauty, the wooden cross houses a cute little jar that compliments the rough look of the wood with its delicacy. The jar can be used to put candles showering the glorious ambient light or some pretty florals here that bring a pop of color to the decor.

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