Braids are a great option for long hair because of their versatility and tendency to still look good even when they get a little messy.

Because braided hairstyles are among the most popular choices for wedding day hair, we have presented several DIY wedding hairstyle tutorials for braided hairstyles in past posts, including the rope braid updo the DIY hair tutorial for braided wedding hair for beginners, and the  DIY messy fishtail braid wedding hairstyle tutorial. 

We have also presented wedding hair DIY for the interwoven 3-strand braid, the the messy 5-strand braid tutorial and How to French Braid Bangs and the braided ballerina bun and the messy fishtail bun and most recently, a DIY tutorial for a long fishtail braid. 

But since a chic braided hairstyle is a great look anytime, not just on your wedding day, you should definitely check out our articles 15 Long Hair Braids Styles and 20 More Long Hair Braids Styles.

You can also style your long hairstyle into a gorgeous French braided hairstyle which is a perfectly polished and romantic hairstyle for day or night. Stylish French braids can add fun and femininity to a long hairstyle. You can also opt for a side fishtail braid and pair it with a cool scarf or cute headband.

Here are 15 fresh and stylish braid hairstyles, from Long Hairstyles:

If you have long hair and want to catch a new style, braided hairstyles would be perfect for you! In this post, I will show you the most unique and trending braid styles that you will adore.

We are all familiar with different styles of braids since our childhood. Nowadays braided hairstyles are very popular, especially among young women. There are lots of different braid style that you can opt for. Fishtail braid style is very suitable for messy and bohemian looks. The fishtail braid is a little bit hard to create by your own at first but when you get used to it, it would be a very stylish option. The Dutch braid is also very simple to create and perfect for casual looks. Double braids are not only for girls anymore, many young women sport double braids it looks really adorable with a cap. French braid or regular braid is suitable for sporting double braided hairstyles.  You can add braids to your up or half updo style too! For example milkmaid braids are perfect for special occasions.

1. Pastel Colored Hair Two Braids

Hair Braids

2. Side Braid Hairstyle

Braids Hairstyles

3. Box Braids Style

Braids Styles

4. Half Up Hairstyle with Braids

Hairstyles with Braids

5. Ponytail Hairstyle with Fishtail Braid

Hairstyles Braids

6. Ponytail Hairstyle with Braid

.Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle

7. Ponytail Hairstyle with Fishtail Braid


.Stylish Braid Hairstyle



Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle


.Stylish Braid Hairstyle



Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle




.Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle



.Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle




.Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle



.Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle



Fresh and Stylish Braid Hairstyle


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