With basically the entire world being in quarantine right now, we have to adjust to a different kind of lifestyle. Adults work from home and kids… well they’re at home 24/7 and they get bored and impatient quite quickly. Don’t let the situation overwhelm you. There are lots of fun and cool projects that you can plan for the kids while they’re at home and keep them entertained for hours. They’re also quite educational and they help them develop their creativity. Of course, they’re not in any way specific to the current pandemic situation so keep them in mind for the bright future ahead as well.

If you have any air drying clay or if you can maybe order or get some that would be a really great resource for all sorts of projects that you can do with the kids. Clay can be shaped into anything and kids are very creative so they’ll surely come up with lots of fun ideas to try. One idea that might be cool to try is making a little clay planter that’s shaped like a giraffe. It doesn’t need to be perfect and once the basic shape is done you can let the kids paint it and add the finishing touches.

Another fun idea can be to decorate a lamp. More specifically, it’s the lampshade that’s the most suitable part for this specific kind of project, since it’s meant for the kids and all. A lot of different things can be used for decorating and once of the ideas is to make a spooky googly eye lampshade. All the eyes are glued onto the lampshade pretty much randomly and here there’s also some green paint dripping over them. That part is optional since it can get quite messy. Of course, it’s not googly eyes that work for this sort of project so look around and come up with your own original version.

A lot of very fun and cute projects require very few resources. This one for example can be done with only a few wooden beads, some yarn and a bit of paint. Each set of three beads will give you a cute little doll which can then be painted and detailed. The beads need to be in three different sizes, the biggest one being the body, the medium one the head and the smaller one being the hair bun. there are a lot of different ways to customize each of the dolls and the kids will surely have fun discovering them. Check out diys to find out more details about this project.

Since you might not have a lot of materials at your disposal right now, we’ll focus more on simple projects that can be done with everyday items. This one for example only requires a few twigs which you should be able to grab from your own backyard or around the block and a bit of string or twine. Teach the kids how to arrange the bits in the shape of a star and let them come up with their own versions after that. You can find detailed instructions on diys.

A somewhat similar idea is to work with popsicle sticks. A few of them can be lined up and arranged to look like a cute little house with a roof and everything. The best part about this project is that it’s very simple and kid-friendly. All that’s needed for it is a few sticks (maybe twigs could work as well with a few adjustments), a glue stick and a bit of paint or markers, crayons and so on. All the details can be found on diys.

Popsicle sticks are super versatile and there are a lot of funky and interesting kids’ crafts that make use of them. Another example is this star sun-catcher/wreath which also makes use of a paper plate, tissue paper and glitter. If you’re missing any of these items then surely you and the kids can come up with replacement ideas or ways to tweak the project to suit your own resources. The inspiration for this project comes from kidscraftroom.

Another cool idea for a project that kids might enjoy comes from yourdiyfamily. The project featured here is a Halloween-themed craft that uses pumpkins but you can definitely find inspiration in that and adjust the idea based on the resources available to you. For example, if you don’t have any pumpkins you could use gourds or something else, whatever is available.

These jellyfishes glow in the dark and that’s definitely something to mesmerize the kids with. The fact that they can actually craft these things themselves and then admire and enjoy them in really cool. Here’s what you’re going to need if you’re to plan this project: some paper bowls, white yarn, glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint and paintbrushes, zipper bags and a skewer. All the instructions can be found on craftiments.

This next project might not be something you can do right now or in this exact form because of some of the resources it requires. However, there are ways to get around it or to find inspiration in it and then come up with your own version. Anyway, the idea here is to decorate a planter using printable tattoo paper. It’s a fun idea for kids and adults alike and if you’re interested in the details everything is explained on akailochiclife.

Tissue boxes are great not just because of their contents but also for the actual boxes themselves which can be repurposed into cute monsters. That’s right, these are tissue box monsters and they’re really fun and easy to make. The kids can paint them and decorate them in all sorts of ways using things like googly eyes, pom-poms, bits of paper, stickers and so on. There are more details about this project on thebestideasforkids.

Check out these cute little banjos. They’re a perfect idea for a project while the kids are stuck at home and they require very few supplies which you might already have: jumbo craft sticks, elastic bands, some tape and craft glue and also jar lids. You need a lid and a stick per banjo. Consider throwing some decorations into the mix as well so the kids can personalize their mini banjos. You could use sequins, stickers, washi tape and other similar things. Everything you need to know about the project can be found on thecrafttrain.

These cute things are also super easy to make and they can be used as bookmarks but also as headbands for the kids. They can be personalized with all sorts of cute designs, depending on what the kids like and the supplies that you have available for this project. In any case, you’ll need some sort of elastic, glue and a variety of other things such as bits of colored felt, maybe some googly eyes, buttons and so on. You can find instructions on cutesycrafts in case you need them.

Fairy jars are also an awesome idea for a project that you can do with the kids. They’re fun and easy to make as long as you have the necessary supplies. You’ll need glitter, glow sticks and empty glass jars. You can pick any color you want and even turn these into cute lamps or lanterns. There’s a tutorial for this project on momdot in case you’re interested.

This next project will definitely keep the kids entertained for hours and hours. It’s a car track that can be made using washi tape (or any kind of visible tape really). If the kids are old enough to plan the track themselves then you can just leave them to it but it might actually be fun to get involved as well. You can turn the entire floor in their room into a track and even add buildings and other things made out of cardboard. This is definitely a more long-term project which can evolve over time. The idea for it comes from lejardindejuliette.

If you have a backyard or a terrace or even a balcony, this could be a fun project to do with the kids. There are fairy bells which you can hang outside and they make sounds when the wind moves them but they’re not as loud as wind chimes. You can make these out of sticks and other things you can find in your own backyard and you can paint them, wrap colored string around them and so on to make them stand out. You can find more details on buzzmills.typepad in case you need them.

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