Have you ever been to a farm? All those farm animals with perfect green pastures makes the scenario calm. Now you can take these farm animals to your home and what more they don’t need your time or energy.

Cow Party Picks: These humble cows are here to serve cheese at your next party. The set consists of a ceramic cow with six mini cow forks. Buy Now.

Cow Party Picks

Cat Planter: These cute little cats are here to let you grow small plants, its available in two versions: one with a hole (for letting out excess water) and the other without hole. Buy Now.

Cat Planter

Dog Wall Hooks: The Metal Dog Wall Hooks are made of rustfree metal alloy material, and lets you organize your things. Buy Now.

Dog Wall Hooks

Pink and Blue Pigs Shakers: The Pink and Blue Pigs Shakers are made from porcelain, are perfect for making each of your meal more flavorful and fun. Buy Now.

Pink and Blue Pigs Shakers

Horse Head Mask: So what you got to say about this realistic Horse Head Mask? Buy Now.

Horse Head Mask

Sheep Coasters: The Sheep Coasters are wooden 6-piece coaster set that comes with a sheep look design holder. Buy Now.

Sheep Coasters

Honeycomb Earrings: These Honeycomb Earrings feature honeybees and are made of 14kt yellow gold and 1.08 carats of diamonds. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Earrings

Cow Toothpick Holder: This cute Cow Toothpick Holder is sure to make your guests laugh when they see you press its top and a toothpick comes out from the other end. Buy Now.

Cow Toothpick Holder

Sheep Warm Indoor Slippers: The Sheep Warm Indoor Slippers are stitched wool and plush slippers, come with flexible sole, side-seamed outsole that prevents water and dampness absorption, and lets you enjoy a new slipper wearing experience. Buy Now.

Sheep Warm Indoor Slippers

3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp: The 3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp creates a 3D hologram effect that provides a gentle night light for kid’s room. Buy Now.

3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp

Pug Adjustable Wrap Ring: Had you ever thought that if it was only possible to have your dog always with you, irrespective where you are, office, traveling, or outing? But we know that its not always possible to do so, and for such times this cute ring is just perfect. Buy Now.

Pug Adjustable Wrap Ring

Piggy Power Bank: Pigs aren’t meant for homes but this one is sure to get an exception, he is here to recharge your gadgets. Its compact sized, comes with 11500 mAh and gives out 2.1 amps. Buy Now.

Piggy Power Bank

Dogs Drink Markers: These cute dachshunds are perfect to mark you territory and make sure others don’t sip from your glass. Buy Now.

Dogs Drink Markers

Shaun The Sheep Bathrobe: Shaun is one smart sheep who always works out a problem; he lives with his flock at Mossy Farm. The flock is always up to something and they always look up to Shaun; Shaun works along with the farm sheepdog Bitzer before the Farmer knows of the issue. Now we have this cool Shaun The Sheep Bathrobe that comes with all the ears and hoodie; whom are you going to impress by turning into Shaun? Buy Now.

Shaun The Sheep Bathrobe

Pig USB Humidifier: Pigs are meant for farms and not home, but this one is an exception. He is here to improve the air quality of your room. Buy Now.

Pig USB Humidifier

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