Collection of ‘Cool Bracelets For You’ from all over the world.

Jeep Girl Bracelet: Jeep Girl Bracelet is perfect for the Jeep girls to let the world know they are proud of their 4X4’s. It comes written with Jeep Girl and the Jeep grill on the ends for a cute look. It’s made of stainless steel, measures 1/2″ wide by 6″ long and can be adjusted. Buy Now.

Jeep Girl Bracelet

Cow Bracelet: The Cow Bracelet is handmade from silver, features an initial, stone, and a small cow, and you can customize it. Buy Now.

Cow Bracelet

Hippo Bracelet: What’s your favorite animal? If it’s hippo then this customizable hippo bracelet is just the thing for you. Buy Now.

Hippo Bracelet

Wonder Woman Bracelets: The Wonder Woman Metal Bracelet Set is made of gold-colored metal, each features a raised portion in the shape of star that’s painted red. You wont be able to use it the way wonder Woman uses these to deflect things, but for sure you can use them to deflect boredom. Buy Now.

Wonder Woman Bracelets

Feather Bracelet: This cute feather bracelet comes in either gold or silver knotted with Irish linen cord. Buy Now.

Feather Bracelet

Spider Bracelet: The Spider Bracelet is made using the mountain stones and each of these stones is unique and different. Buy Now.

Spider Bracelet

Steampunk Violin Bracelet: If violin connects you to the world of music, gives you a creative outlet then this Steampunk Violin Bracelet is just the thing for you. Buy Now.

Steampunk Violin Bracelet

Space Bracelet: The Space Bracelet is perfect for letting the world know of your liking for astronomy. Buy Now.

Space Bracelet

New York Skyline Bracelet: The New York Skyline Sterling Bracelet comes with inscription (interior) that reads: “The City That Never Sleeps” and is sure to look great on any outfit. Buy Now.

New York Skyline Bracelet

Giraffe Bracelet: The Giraffe Bracelet comes with brushed silver background with black giraffes and trees, its perfect for letting the world know of your liking for giraffes. Buy Now.

Giraffe Bracelet

Carrot Bracelet: The Carrot Bracelet is handmade, and is a cool way to promote vegetables and wear them on your wrist. Buy Now.

Carrot Bracelet

Train Bracelet: The adjustable train bangle bracelet is perfect for you to let the world know of your liking for trains. Buy Now.

Train Bracelet

Volkswagen Bracelet: The Volkswagen Bracelet is perfect if you want to wear your favorite car on your wrist. Buy Now.

Volkswagen Bracelet

Airplane Bracelet: The Airplane Bracelet is a perfect way to let the world know of your interest in airplanes and aviation. It’s a handmade sterling silver bracelet that features an airplane pendant that measures 3 centimeters by 2.5 centimeters. Buy Now.

Airplane Bracelet

Rocket Ship Bracelet: The Rocket Ship Friendship Bracelet is adjustable in length, the rocket measures 1/2 inch and is made of brass. Buy Now.

Rocket Ship Bracelet

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