Cleaning is not only for when the springtime comes, and we have to do general house cleaning regularly. There is the long way and short way to go about this process, and it’s entirely up to you and your family to decide what your house needs.

Ok, it’s entirely up to you, but I had to be diplomatic.

You’re the type of person who is on top of regular cleaning whose fond of using top rated vacuum cleaners and whom already has a great looking home set up the way you like it. This is a light list indeed that lets you have fun with some cleaning ideas and reminds you of how great you’ve been all year long. All your home needs is a touch-up so here’s a fun, 15-tip list knowing that will polish off your home come spring.

The Kitchen is Always First

  1. Steam Clean Your Microwave: Sure, why not? You wash your dishes with it so you can use it to clean your microwave. Put some dish soap in a bowl of water and microwave on high for 1-2 minutes. The clean, soapy steam will coat the inside of your microwave. Wipe up with a sponge.
  2. Steam Clean Your George Foreman Grill Too: Moisten some strong paper towels and place them on your grill. Close up and let the grill heat steam the moisture from the paper towels. This is a fast and easy way to loosen up food debris and grease before you wipe clean.
  3. Bag Your Burners: Your stove burners get coated in grime and oil. Cleaning them in the sink never seems to work fully, and it’s a total pain. Get the rights sized ziplock bag and pour an approximately ¼ cup of ammonia into it. Gently drop in a burner, close the bag and allow it to sit overnight.

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