If you’re looking to transform your personal space, you may want to start with a new bout of color. And there are so many to choose from and sift through, we decided to create a list that will gauge your favorites and stir some inspiration. These 15 bedroom colors have the ability to be the catalyst to its transformation. Do any of them strike your fancy?

1. Lavender

We’ve gushed about this bedroom on Homedit before, and today we’re paying specific attention to the lavender walls. They’re soothing, they’re welcoming, and the bout of femininity they place in the room is charming. You can dress the space around it with bohemian vibes or even cottage feelings if you prefer.

2. Mint

Some shades of mint can act as cool neutrals inside of a room. And that’s exactly what we see here from this youthful bedroom we found on Pinterest. Keep it contemporary by adding geo prints and contrasting tones like black and gray.

3. Gunmetal

Over at HGTV, you’ll find a stunning example of how gunmetal walls can transform your personal space. This rich, charcoal-blue tone is such a stunner for contemporary room. Whether you want something more industrial or edgy, this is a great color to dip into.

4. Shell

A shelled white is light, bright, and versatile. Whether you want to go monochromatic like you see here, or you want to mix it up with some brighter tones like royal blue or lime gree, it’s a beautiful and lively way to do it!

5. Buttercup

Buttercup is a smooth and creamy tone that provides a bit of happiness as a foundation to the room. This space from BHG seems more traditional in style but it also serves to prove the versatility of this tone. Beautiful for farmhouse visions or even vintage goals.

6. Cobalt

Cobalt is a rich and trendy tone as well. Blue is a fan-favorite among the masses and this one in particular is alive and well. Even in a traditional like this guest room we found on Pinterest, it thrives.

7. Moss

The best example of what a deep, moss colored wall looks like. It’s enveloping and warm. It’s versatile and can made drab decor a lot more interesting. And it will completely transform the vibe of your space – in the best of ways.

8. Maple

A syrup-inspired maple color on the walls feels like the right choice for those wanting an easy space. Contemporary example of what you can create in an afternoon. Adding a brighter surge of color may be to your benefit though, like a light blush or powder blue.

9. Grenadine

Grenadine is a bit more orange in tone than cherry red, but it’s just as passionate. And we knew it was the best way to show how cool and fashion-forward this tone can be, especially when contrasted with a crisp ivory.

10. Ebony

Black is always a fabulous choice, especially when it’s a matte-finished ebone tone. We love the walls in this room and how they shine with the natural lighting coming in from the windows. Add in a few lighter neutrals and you have a timelessly styled bedroom.

11. Tiffany

Tiffany blue evokes a sense of richness and spring-time tunes. We love this space featuerd on Homedit previously and how it adds a contemporary and equally vintage antique vibe into one space.

12. Hazelnut

Hazelnut is just a tiny bit darker than its maple sister. If you’re looking to provide an even warmer finish, think about going with this creamy foundation.

13. Peach

This funky space sparked a lot of modern, girlishly charming ideas. It has a killer 80’s vibe and those peach walls really set off a unique appeal. For something feminine but not so traditionally, think about pink’s overshadowed sister, peach!

14. Violet

Violet is a really, really popular color among the fashions right now – and it should be in interior design as well. It’s rich, it’s sexy, and it plays well with other neutral tones as well. This contemporary and versatile space is killer, don’t you think?

15. Sky

Sky blue has always been a fan-favorite as well. The lightness connects will all kinds of other tones, especially richer shades of blue. Even this youthful space sings of welcoming vibes and style.

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