149 The Coolest Home Decorating Ideas of 2019

Here are the coolest home decorating ideas that we covered on Shelterness during 2019. Here are some cool home decorating ideas from the previous year.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to consider installing wainscots or not.
25 Timeless Wainscoting Ideas For Home Decor

Moldings could make your ceiling unique. Here are great ideas to do that.
49 Cool Ceiling Molding And Trim Ideas

Any outdoor spaces will benefit from natural-looking pathways, so wood is a great material to cover them.
25 Catchy And Cozy Wooden Garden Paths

Botanical prints are no less timeless than floral ones and incorporating them into your home decor is always actual. Here are ideas to do that.
25 Botanical Print Home Decor Ideas

Avoid boring white walls using some cool textural materials in white – bricks, stone, wood and others, take a look at the ideas we’ve gathered below!
25 White Wall Ideas That Aren’t Boring

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