Use these Halloween centerpieces ideas as inspiration to add some fright to your holiday table.  From faux flowers and test tube vases to paper lanterns and paper bats, these centerpieces will perfectly complement any Halloween appetizers and Halloween cocktails you serve up. A Halloween centerpiece is a clever decorated piece for this holiday that most of us has at least one centerpiece. Centerpieces range from elegant to shadowy and creepy, friends and even family will quickly discover they aren’t in the same house.

15. B&W Pumpkin

A Pumpkin and A Princess!

16. Floral Skull

Honestly YUM.

17. Black Branches

 Cupcakes and Cashmere

18. Goosebump Tree

Make It Fun Crafts

19. Dripping Candles

 Paging Fun Mums.

20. Paper Pumpkin Cluster


21. Pumpkin Vase


22. Layered Mini Pumpkins


23. Black Chalices


24. Pumpkin Cauldron

 Good Housekeeping.

25. No-Carve Pumpkin

Good Housekeeping.

26. Day of the Dead Skull

Sugar and Charm

27. Candy Tray

 A Beautiful Mess.

28. Tortured Candles

 Family Chic

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