These stuffing recipes range from classic to fruity to savory and everything in between. Obviously, they pair perfectly with any type of turkey.  Whether you cook yours in the bird or bake it on the side, stuffing is a holiday must-have. And, there’s no shortage of ways to make this crowd-pleasing classic — the reason we’ve rounded up all our best Thanksgiving stuffing recipes for you.

1. Mole roasted turkey with masa stuffing and chili gravy


2. Sweet and savoury cornbread stuffing

Home With Heartland

3. Hawaiian sweet bread stuffing

 My Recipe Magic

4. Cauliflower and pecan stuffing

 Living Well, Spending Less

5. Cornbread stuffing with green olives and pecans

 Simply Recipes

6. Delicious vegetarian stuffing

The Cottage Market

7. Cornbread and oyster stuffing

Chow Hound

8. Hamburger stuffing

Potato Rolls

9. Stove Top stuffing pizza

Thanks, Mail Carrier

10. Mushroom and fennel bread pudding

Chow Hound

11. Sausage stuffing

Potato Rolls.

12. Winter baked stuffed apples

 Crafty Cake Creative

13. Homemade tofurkey and brown rice stuffing

 Chow Hound

14. Twice baked orange cinnamon sweet potatoes

Edesia’s Notebook

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