Sprawling trees and spectacular canyon views were the driving forces behind the design of Oak Pass Main House.

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In California, the Coast Live Oak tree is a protected species. Although the strict regulations for these trees don’t normally alter one’s daily life, they did heavily impact the design decisions for Los Angeles–based firm Walker Workshop when crafting a house on a 3.5-acre property with more than 130 Coast Live Oak trees. Yet, rather than look at the trees as a limitation, the team strategically integrated them into the layout of the stunning, 8,000-square-foot abode.

#WalkerWorkshop #exterior #outside #outdoor #landscape #pool #lounge

The oak trees, along with the topography of the site, inspired the design of the modern house.

Courtesy of Joe Fletcher

Sited on a ridge that looks out to panoramic canyon views, the massing of the residence—formally known as the Oak Pass Main House—was reduced using an “upside down” program with five bedrooms buried into the hill beneath a green roof, and common areas located above. 

#WalkerWorkshop #exterior #outdoor #outside #landscape #pool #window

Because the architects wanted to showcase the view of one of the more majestic oaks on the property, they placed a lap pool below the tree so the mirror-like surface of the water would gracefully reflect its image.   

Courtesy of Joe Fletcher

#WalkerWorkshop #exterior #outside #outdoor #landscape #pool

A smaller section of the house was placed alongside the pool as a pavilion. “It was important on this site to make it feel like nature was coming first, and the house second,” says the firm’s founder, Noah Walker, who thinks of design as a spiraling process. “In this case, the initial concept was strong, so the design was more a case of a series of progressive refinements.”

Courtesy of Joe Fletcher

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