You might be surprised by how easy it is to make your bedroom look premium. In this article, you’ll find a selection of popular and affordable tricks that should help you transform the space quickly and drastically.

If you want your bedroom to look and feel like a five-star hotel room, it might be enough to modify just a few details to achieve the desired effect. You won’t need to hire a professional designer or refurbish the space from scratch. In this article, you’ll find smart tips on what exactly you might want to change to make your bedroom look classier and more welcoming. These recommendations should be valid for rooms of any size and style.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Consider buying crystal knobs or copper handles for your chest of drawers. That would be much cheaper than purchasing new furniture items. Thanks to new hardware, your bedroom will look much more Instagrammable — and you’ll be able to change the handles as frequently as you wish.

Buy Comfy Pillows

In a typical premium hotel, there will be two pillows for each person sleeping on the bed. You might want to either get new thick and lofty pillows for your home or overstuff your old ones. To make your vintage decorative throw cushions look high-end, buy inserts that are slightly larger than the pillow covers.

Make a Blanket Statement

If your comforter or duvet is outdated, place a big chunky knit throw across the foot of your bed. This trick always works wonders if your budget is too limited to get new luxury bedding.

Put a Sheepskin on Your Bed

Feel free to use a faux one, if you wish. Instead of buying a conventional gray or cream one, you might opt for a more colorful alternative. The sheepskin will effortlessly compensate for the lack of a fancy headboard or a state-of-the-art bed frame. Layering always adds visual interest to bedroom furniture and makes the place look cozy.

Add Texture

Apart from the sheepskin on your bed, you might consider the following solutions:

– A sheepskin rug on the floor by the bed
– A faux fur throw on a side chair
– Rattan baskets
– A fun woven light fixture

Textural elements will make the space feel visually rich and you’ll enjoy its boho-luxe ambiance.

Style Your Nightstand

Nightstands might lack class when they are either empty or cluttered. Dogeared paperbacks, hand creams, empty cups and glasses are the most common elements of the clutter. Make sure to remove them after using — and instead, style your nightstand with a cute plant or a small piece of art that you can hang in the empty wall space behind the tabletop.

Bring in a Tray

Put it on your nightstand and place a candle and maybe a carafe-and-water glass combo on it. That should look very elegant and cinematographic. Otherwise, place the tray on your vanity table and stock it with jewelry, cosmetic products and pretty perfume bottles.

Get a New Mirror

Let’s consider a situation when you can’t afford to purchase a set of modern bedroom furniture — but you can buy one nice item. Let the mirror be this item! You might opt for a curvy one to open up the room or an antique-inspired brass one to become the focal point of your interior. Mirrors with shelves can provide you with extra vertical storage space. To increase your odds of finding your dream mirror, you should search for it not only online and in your local shops but also at garage sales and flea markets. When looking for an ideal item, you should pay primary attention to its shape but not finish. If you don’t like the latter, you can improve it by repainting it.

Fake Architectural Features

This recommendation is spot-on for rented spaces that you are not allowed to refurbish. For instance, you might paint a half wall that looks like wainscoting or make faux wall paneling with washi tape. You might be surprised by how little time and effort it requires. Thanks to such decorative finishes, the room’s architecture will look much fancier than it actually is.

Update Your Lighting

What if you make a small chandelier the focal point of your living room? Alternatively, you might consider buying a sputnik lamp or a drum-shaped pendant. Plus, you might order a custom shade for the lamp on your bed stand. If you want this lamp to become an eye-catching element of your interior, let it be considerably taller than expected.

Raise the Curtains

If you raise the curtain rod two to three inches below the ceiling line, that should make the room look bigger. The windows will seem larger and the space will be filled with light and air.

Showcase a Special Piece

Here a just a few examples of what we mean by saying “a special piece”:

– An acoustic guitar hanging on the wall
– A collection of quirky coffee cups in a glass display cabinet
– Your favorite books on an open shelf

If you have a large library in your house, you shouldn’t try to squeeze all of it into your bedroom. You can create a dedicated room or corner for storing your books. In the bedroom, you should keep only those novels, poems and other works that you value highly and that have shaped your personality.

Work a Wall Hanging

This budget-friendly and visually appealing solution can easily substitute a fancy headboard. Use a tapestry or vintage textile you love to make the space above your bed look pulled together. Make sure to attach it firmly to the wall so that you’ll be able to prop yourself up in bed for reading with a couple of firm sleeping pillows.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and gave you enough inspiration on upgrading the looks of your bedroom. Buy stylish hardware, pillows and bring in a tray. Make a blanket statement, add some texture and resort to fake architectural features. Work a wall hanging, put a sheepskin on your bed and showcase a special piece. Style your nightstand, raise your curtains, update your lighting and mirrors. All these tricks should help you to transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel room with a relatively modest investment.

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