It’s where we read, recharge, and daydream. Here are smart and simple ways to turn your sleeping quarters into a restful retreat.
The more the merrier. For some, that is. Depending on the size of your bed, you will want enough (typically from 1 to 6) so that your bed looks comfortable, but not so many that you can’t actually sleep in the bed.
Think ottoman, chair, or bench. It’s important to have a place to sit that’s not the edge of the bed. Think of a spot for talking on the phone, or putting on your shoes. 
unique color elements
A pop of color can go a long way, especially in a whitewashed setting. Experiment with bold color plays and saturated tones in the form of books or decorative accessories. Your mood will be instantly uplifted.
quality mattress
A good mattress. You want something that keeps you cool and gives you great lumbar support. If you’re hesitant to spend a lot on a new mattress, keep this in mind: A high-quality mattress should last 10-15 years. A cheap one? Half that.
things that make you happy
Make sure to fill your room with things that make you smile. It’s personal. Enough said. 
We’d like to enforce an electronics-free zone. Everyone breaks this rule but try your best to leave tech out in your living room or office. Your bedroom deserves to be a place for rest.
soft landing spot
Everyone hates waking up in the morning and stepping on to a hard cold floor. Layer that hard wood with a fluffy welcoming rug. Hello, sheepskin.

Bring in a potted plant (big or small!) to impart the bedroom with an organic color contrast and detail. A single plant can do wonders for a space, especially if it skews towards to the smaller side.
photos and artwork
Believe it or not, family photos invoke memories and emotions that can keep you awake at night. Yep, even if your memories are happy. Choose to display those photos in the other rooms of your house. Opt for an oversized work of art or a colorful print to display in the bedroom instead.

a curated factor
Whether you’ve earmarked a spot for your books, clothes, or art, designate a zone to display your most prized possessions – even if that translates into an extension of your closet. 
great bedding
If you want to incorporate different patterns in your bedding, the key is mixing it up to vary the scale, from small to large. Avoid bringing in too many dominating prints, instead opting for one or two statement pieces, complemented by a curated selection of more subtle accents. 
Stock your nightstand with a carafe, a great book (or your favorite magazine… cough cough), a potted plant or flower, and lamp for uninterrupted-sleep comfort.

something to pull everything together 
Style, color, pattern, or theme. It’ll keep the room feeling cohesive. If you have kiddos, then animals, robots, and princesses are more than welcome. 

Learn how to layer color and texture in the bedroom.