Playing outside gives your child the chance to have their adventures and explore the natural environment. They can play their favorite games, test their physical limits, express their-selves and build their self-confidence. When kids are outside, they probably has more space and freedom for big movements, like running, jumping, kicking and throwing. Physical activities like these are good for their health, fitness and physical development.

Allowing your kids to play outside doesn’t mean you can help them by the tools or furniture they will need. Outdoor furniture for kids will have a different strength from the indoor furniture. You have to find some good table and chair set for them to facilitate their freedom outside the house.

Let’s talk about the design of outdoor furniture for kids ideas. The function is important, but the look by the shape and design might also be as important as the function. Your kids might prefer having a cute or cheerful design than a bold and boring one. This is the time to discuss about our chosen ideas for outdoor furniture for kids. Take a break and let’s have some inspirations!

1. Lovely Table Set

This lovely table set is a really fun to have for your kids. They will have so many good times sitting while enjoying the outdoor scenery on the set.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 1
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2. Outdoor Lounge Chair

Good news if you are looking for a lounge chair on the poolside for your children.This lounge chair with is small table and umbrella will give your kids an interesting space to take so rest between their playing or swimming time.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 2
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3. Colorful Metal Table and Chair Set

No kids can resist this cute and table set with colorful look and its umbrella. A good spot to hang outside and do a picnic activity.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 3
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4. Rattan Swing and Chair

Even adults would love to have this outdoor furniture. Make your little ones happy with this rattan swing and chair to accompany them enjoying the outdoor view.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 4
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5. Natural Shaped Wooden Table and Chair Set

Why don’t pick some natural ones? You can adopt this idea of natural shaped wooden table and chair set to be a picnic table for your kids.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 5
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6. Playhouse

Everyone loves a playhouse! Get your kids one to get healthy by outdoor activity.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 6
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7. Red and Black Metal Picnic Table

Another idea for an outside picnic table. Now comes in metal material that will make it solid and sleek. You can choose this red and black color combination as the look or you want to combine any other color? It’s up to you!

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 7
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8. Ladybug Swing

Swing and swing! Every kids would love to enjoy their time with this cute ladybug swing.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 8
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9. Sandbox

Your home is miles away from the beach but your kids want to play on the sand all the time? Perhaps they will happy to have one of this sandbox at their backyard.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 9
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10. Beautiful Wood Swing

Everybody love to swing. This swing can fit to 3 or 4 kids at a time, preventing any kid’s argument caused when one kid is taking too long time and doesn’t want to switch.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 10
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11. Double Outdoor Lounge Chair

Another idea for outdoor lounge chair that would be a lovely spot for double. Look at the design below, how can your kids cannot love the idea?

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 11
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12. Blue Colored Wood Picnic Table

Let’s go to a picnic everyday by having this beautiful blue colored wood picnic table at the backyard of your home.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 12
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13. Hanging Chair

A hanging chair under a shady must be their most favorite spot in the outside. They will also build a lot of sweet memories with the chair when they grow up.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids 14
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Children who have been kept away from these outdoor experiences are more likely to get seriously hurt when they have outdoor experiences. So, make your kids happy to play outside and facilitate them with the right outdoor furniture for kids. Have fun!

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