13 DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaners And Bombs

Creating your own natural cleaners can be fun, and they’re certainly healthier than their toxic counterparts. You can make your own simple and effective non-toxic cleaner for one of the dirtiest places in the house with this DIY toilet bowl cleaner. Most commercial toilet bowl cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can pollute your home’s environment creating potential health risks. These recipes will help you clean your toilet sink naturally and for cheap, take a look!
Some things just have to be done – like regularly cleaning the bathroom. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to make it easier! The author of this tutorial discovered an easy trick that helps keep the toilet clean and the bathroom smelling fresh – no gloves or clothespins required! All it takes is five ingredients and the drop of a fast-acting DIY toilet bowl cleaner bomb. It includes baking soda for natural cleaning, essential oils for a non-toxic scent that keeps your toilet smelling clean after each flush and hydrogen peroxide that kills a large number of tiny pathogens in a toilet bowl.

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