Children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for sleeping, playing and working, it follows that their space should be a reflection of their little personalities. It is easy to get lost in the world of children’s interiors. We’ve already talked about bedroom furniture ideas for your little girls or boys, and after you read the posts, you might interested in out topic area for today’s post.

There are numerous furniture brand providing an unlimited kind of kids furniture design. One of the most unique and has a strong characteristic on its design is Art for Kids Furniture (AFK Furniture). AFK Furniture is a United State based company. A children furniture industry founded by a mother who quit her job in the entertainment industry for her dream for a children’s interior design world.

How can AFK Furniture convince you by its look and its function? Are they (the products) really worth to have? Let’s answer your curiosity by taking a look at some of the best Art for Kids Furniture for your children’s room. Enjoy!

1. Upholstered Bed

Lovely upholstered bed you can put to your kid’s bedroom to make them have a wonderful sleeping experience.

Upholstered Bed
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2. Cherubini Silver & Gold Gilding Crib

If you love to have a touch of gold color in your baby’s room, you would love to adopt this AFK Cherubini Silver & Gold Gilding Crib.

Cherubini Silver & Gold Gilding Crib
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3. French Student Desk & Hutch

Or it is the right time for your kids to have a desk and hutch for their studying and working spot? This french student desk and hutch by AFK will fulfill the need of your little one, beautifully.

AFK French Student Desk & Hutch
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4. French Floral Vines Chest

Need a beautiful space to store anything in your children’s room? Here is AFK french Floral Vines Chest to adopt.

AFK French Floral Vines Chest
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5. French Panel Upholstered Crib

Why should be worry about the comfort if you can have this AFK French Panel Upholstered Crib for your baby?

AFK French Panel Upholstered Crib
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6. Cherubini Cradle with Caning Silver with Gold Gilding

Lovely and elegant Cradle to have for your cute little baby. A beautiful thing to make his/her day to be pleased.

Cherubini Cradle with Caning Silver with Gold Gilding
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7. French Chest

Another simple yet lovely french set to adopt for you kids’s room or your house. Look at the beauty of the furniture by the picture below.

AFK French Chest
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8. Round Nautical Play Table & Chair Set

Or you are looking for a kid’s table and chair set? This AFK Round Nautical Play Table & Chair Set will answer your need.

AFK Round Nautical Play Table & Chair Set
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9. Evan Gold Gilding Computer Desk & Hutch

Another elegant choice for your kid’s desk and hutch. With a combination of navy blue and gold color, sure will make a wonderful studying/working experience!

AFK Evan Gold Gilding Computer Desk & Hutch
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10. Gramercy Crib

Another crib idea that will make your baby’s room just like a royal baby’s room. This AFK Gramercy Crib of course will fulfill your need.

AFK Gramercy Crib
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11. Eloise Sofa

Looking for a lovely sofa for a kid’s bedroom? Here is AFK Eloise Sofa to adopt. A comfortably lovely furniture to have.

AFK Eloise Sofa
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12. Bamboo Four Poster Bed

An idea of four poster bed that will amaze anyone at the first sight – perhaps at any time’s sight. An AFK Bamboo Four Poster Bed that will easily beautify your kid’s bedroom!

afk furniture bamboo four poster bed
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13. Austin Daybed

Who doesn’t love to have this elegant AFK Austin Daybed to be one of the most important parts in their bedroom? Your kids will absolutely love it!

AFK Austin Daybed
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So, why should take a lot of time deciding which one is the best brand for your children’s room? Have fun with Art for Kids Furniture and create an unlimited beauty and cuteness through your children’s room.

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