What comes into your mind when you hear the word rustic? Yes the term rustic is absolutely related to the countryside or rural area. But what if we say that actually you can make a modern rustic renovation for the home at the city? Below are the prove that actually rustic renovation is great for any place.

Of course you will see that the wooden furniture is the main important aspect when doing the rustic renovation. Yet for a modern rustic theme, it is important too to mix and match the wooden furniture with some marble one. Also, it is important too to make the room looks like it is modern by choosing the light color of wall paint, like white.

Surely you won’t find any difficulty if you know how we do this. So let’s check these 17 amazing ideas on rustic renovation that might be your next inspiration to decorate the house.

The Touch of Traditional Plus Modern

Firstly, you need to make sure that the room has both the traditional and modern element. For instance, a dining room might have a table made of wood, but for the kitchen set, you might want to paint it white like the minimalist decoration.

Rustic Renovation 1 Result
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Wooden element always successful when creating the rustic ambiance. So when you build the home with the wooden framework, then you should paint the surroundings by white, so that the house looks so much modern and fancy.

Rustic Renovation 13 Result
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If the room is already full of rustic theme from the roof, the wall, and the floor, then maybe you can try to add the modern furniture. Like the picture below, of course the modern bathtub make the bathroom looks much more interesting.

Rustic Renovation 12 Result
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Wooden Shelves To Place Stuffs

Looking for the easiest way to realize the rustic decoration? Then you can just add some wooden shelves to the wall. Not only that it will make the rustic ambiance stronger, but also you will get to place your stuffs more organized.

Rustic Renovation 11 Result
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Don’t forget to put some plants too to the shelves, as the modern house usually has a touch of greens in the room.

Rustic Renovation 10 Result
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Rustic Renovation 9 Result
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The Lighting Part

For the rustic themed decoration, it is actually a good idea if you give a lot of care to the lighting part too. For example, you can use these wooden chandelier rather than using the ordinary lamp on the roof.

Rustic Renovation 8 Result
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Rustic Renovation 7 Result
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Rustic Renovation 6 Result
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Rustic Renovation 5 Result
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Rustic Renovation 4 Result
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Rustic Renovation 3 Result
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Rustic Renovation 2 Result
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