If you’ve been decorating your space for long, you probably know the value of those decor pieces that can be changed and redecorated to fit the occasion or the season. Wreaths display golden leaves and then red berries and then pastel flowers. Picture frames rotate through quotes about sun and snow and Christmas and spring. Vases proudly hold branches one day and flowers the next.

The basic pieces stay the same which makes decorating affordable and easy for any wallet. Which is why you want to go invest in some apothecary jars if you haven’t already. There are so many ways you can fill them and so many places you can display them, they’re almost as necessary as throw pillows. Take a look at these 12 ways to decorate your apothecary jars for spring, just in case you needed a little more convincing.

There’s nothing like a little touch of green to bring spring to any space. Next time you’re gazing at those potted succulents or mini ferns, bring one home to put in your apothecary jar. (via Maison de Cinq)

You might think that floating florals belong on wedding reception tables. However, they can look just lovely in an apothecary jar on your own dining room table. Use your favorite blooms or even the drying roses from Valentine’s Day. (via Tikkido)

Warmer weather invokes thoughts of perfectly sweet and tart lemonade in the warm sunshine. Follow those citrusy thoughts by filling your apothecary jars with lemons and limes. The bright colors will certainly infuse your decor with some spring energy. (via 33 Shades of Green)

Easter being the main holiday in the spring, feel free to fill your jars with pastel eggs. They can be the plastic eggs for show or you can use them to store your pretty pastel Easter candy.

Let’s not forget about St. Patrick’s Day though! If you’re celebrating an Irish heritage, use gumballs or jellybeans to create rainbows in your apothecary jars. Not only will they be so colorful, your kids will help you dispose of the candy after the holiday is over. (via Uncommon Designs)

Looking for an apothecary jar filler that leans towards natural colors and textures? A faux nest is just the thing to make your spring jars seasonally appropriate while staying neutral. (via Cedarwood Weddings)

It’s such fun to decorate with rabbits in the spring so why not go all out? Splurge a little on your favorite figurines and put them in your apothecary jars with a bit of faux grass and maybe some blooms. (via May Days)

Speaking of rabbits, figurines aren’t the only rabbits that can be displayed. Use the chocolate hoppers to give your jars a bit more of a family friendly look.

Teacups usually boast lovely floral patterns in pretty pastel shades. Stack them in your apothecary jars and your space will be fit for the prettiest spring tea party ever. (via Bella’s Rose Cottage)

There is something to be said for simplicity in decorating. Fill your jars with fairy lights to keep the magical sparkle in your decor but not in a Christmasy kind of way. (via Kelley Nan)

You’ve probably seen an apothecary jar terrarium before so this one won’t surprise you. But it’s still a classic jar filler that will bring some living greenery into your home and give you a springtime hobby. (via Etsy)

Of course, you don’t need to spend money to fill your apothecary jars at all. Use the faux flowers you have in spring colors and steal pastel pom poms from your kids’ craft box to make a pretty jar on the cheap. (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)

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