Once upon a time in the world of television I imagine that the costume departments for presenters were barren wastelands, where tight-fitting dresses went to die and nude heels reigned supreme. Things for women on TV were certainly stuck in a rather traditional rut (and still today, viewers just love to complain about anything vaguely adventurous or risqué) but a wave of cool female presenters has paved the way for fashion to become a part of the entire set. Fearne Cotton wouldn’t be Fearne Cotton without her metallic ankle boots, kooky suits and band tees. Claudia Winkleman would be unrecognisable without her signature smooshing together of kohl and fringe. And just what the hell would we have written about in the past few years if Holly Willoughby hadn’t had her style rebirth and started posting daily snaps of her This Morning looks?

It would appear to me that increasingly girls interested in fashion are looking to women they can relate to on the tele—and it’s proven in the effect many of these women have on retail results. Anything Holly wears, for example, sells out just as fast as anything Kate Middleton wears.

There remains a noticeable lack of diversity (would love to see more women of colour and someone mega-stylish who is over a size 10, please!) but one can hope that the networks are catching up with the rest of popular culture… For now though, here are the stylish TV presenters I follow for fashion choices. 

Stacy Dooley won our hearts on Strictly Come Dancing, but won the fashion peoples’ interest when we started realising what a wicked minimalist she was. From making slouchy trackies look awesome with gold Gucci heels to wearing the chicest, simplest night-out outfits, you can consider our team hooked.

Here’s Stacey in the coolest trackies with gold Gucci sandals.

Even her party looks are understated—like this leather mini and sweatshirt combo.

Cat Deeley has always erred towards the bohemian, rock ‘n’ roll side of style, and it’s nice to see that this is truly her vibe no matter the trends. She’s riffing on that vibe at the moment with band tees, leather trousers and over-the-knee boots like these killer Isabel Marant ones.

Cat’s never far away from a great pair of jeans, these leather ones are a fantastic fit.

There’s always something that looks vintage in Cat’s outfits—like that bag.

I knew Angela from her work in the fashion industry way before she made her first foray into TV, so it’s no wonder she has some of the best looks on the screen. She’s particularly adept at picking out really fab dresses and trouser suits, and at highlighting new, indie brands.

Angela’s selection of trouser suits is pretty impressive—I love how this one does all the talking, no blouse or accessories required.

Scroll through her Insta and you’ll see quite the edit of fabulous heels.

Rochelle Humes is beloved by many as a fashion influencer on social media, with New Look having snapped up her as an ambassador. Her wardrobe runs the gamut from pretty high street dresses to more luxe designer finds from the likes of Jacquemus and Zimmermann. The thing they all have in common: They’re super-pretty and feminine.

Wearing one of the many cute printed midi dresses she has on hand for This Morning.

In a popular daisy-print number from Rixo.

We follow Emma Willis as much for her elegant tailored looks as much as we do for makeup and hair inspiration. Like Rochelle, Emma has already been pinpointed by the high street as a key influencer in this market: Next have featured her various times in campaigns and special edits.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Emma in a dress from The Vampires Wife, and she joins a legion of celebs who adore these waist-nipping, demure styles that make up the brand’s signature.

Like Angela, Emma is also partial to a suit. The wide-leg on these trousers makes for a real statement.

What can we say that you don’t already know? Holly has become our trusted daily source for the kind of swishy, pretty dresses that so many girls feel happiest in. And when she’s not in a printed midi you’ll find her in a calf-length skirt with a neat jumper. It’s good to have a uniform when you’re a busy lady. Like some of the others mentioned here, Holly also has her foot in the high street, with a wildly popular range at M&S that sees the next drop arriving mid-July.

Looking glorious at the the National Television Awards.

One of many elegant printed midi dresses you might have seen Holly wearing on This Morning.

I love Claudia’s dedication to her signature look. Many a lesser woman who have wavered in their dedicated to smudgy kohls eyes, wild hair, affinity for black clothing and crazy, crazy-high stilettos, but Winkleman has stuck to her fashion guns and she’s all the more legendary for it. 

Lucky Claudia managed to get her claws on this instant sell-out of a Ganni dress. Jealous.

Showing everyone else up by being coolly casual in all-black at Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

Anita was a new discovery for me, after I was blown away by her tulle look for The British Soap Awards back at the start of this month. Her style is fun, frivolous and full of colour and print, and we’d like to see more of it.

It’s the frothy net creation I was talking about. How cute?

I actually own this Rejina Pyo dress—the woman clearly has fabulous taste.

The gallery wouldn’t be complete without a dose of Fearne Cotton’s quirky personal style. She’s yet another super-fan of suiting, but also is partial to a very ultra-girlish dress or two, worn with offbeat accessories like metallic boots or a bonkers bag. 

Like a mermaid. This is one of my favourite Fearne looks of all time.

You all went crazy for this affordable heart print dress last month, and it promptly sold out.

Laura Jackson is a fashion girls’ girl through and through: Brands adore dressing her, she’s invited to literally every important industry dinner or event, and she has recently provided us with the chicest array of maternity looks perhaps ever created. You can trust this one to always have the coolest It item first, and to wear it in her truly unique, understated way.

A perfectly British combo of knitwear and summer items for a day at Fashion Week.

Looking all kinds of adorable in Simone Rocha for the Brit Awards.

If kooky is your middle name then Gemma Cairney is about to be your new BFF. Her style choices are completely unpredictable, utterly exhilarating and always worth watching. From rainbow dresses to leopard-print catsuits, she will always keep you guessing.

When a rainbow dress isn’t enough of a statement, add fuchsia boots.

Who else would have thought to add green pop-socks to this look but Gemma? Next up, all of the summer trends you need to know. Opening image: Getty