Curtains are back. I know, where did they go? Well it seems for awhile there, the design world felt that simple roll up blinds were quite enough. And they had a point, keeping your windows as clear as possible does help make a room look larger and brighter. But so what, if it’s also boring! So whether you use simple side panels to add some oomph to your blinds, or make curtains and drapes your main window coverings… add them. Please. The color, pattern and interest they add to an area as large as  your windows will be that thing. You know, the thing that changes your room from good, to aha? These DIY drapes and curtains are easy to make, save you money, and allow you to create a custom look for your space.

First, a couple of quick tips for those of you worried that hanging curtains will make your room look smaller…

  • Always hang your curtains all the way to the ceiling, and far enough apart that the curtains totally clear the windows when open.
  • If using a solid fabric, use a color similar in value to the wall. The closer it matches the wall, the more it will visually disappear.
  • If using a pattern, use one with a white background. It just looks fresh! Oh, and the white visually expands space.
  • Don’t get fussy. We aren’t talking the pleated, traditional drapes of the past here. Keep it light!

Our feature project above, is from Summer at ‘Simple Stylings’. I love her tutorial for her no-sew cafe curtains! First, cafe curtains are great for small rooms because they always let in light, even when closed. Also, she uses a fabric shower curtain from Target as her fabric choice… I used one to cover my headboard! Great way to find trendy fabrics in wide widths!

From Kelly at ‘View Along the Way’, make your own look with her striped curtain tutorial! I love stripes for a small room because they lead the eye, making the room appear larger. You could also use a lighter color stripe. I have featured this amazing room of hers before, in our post on Warm Modern Decorating over at TBD… Love Kelly! Gorgeous room!



Laura at ‘The Soulful House’ has another take on painting stripes on curtains.  She only used the stripes as an accent, instead of throughout the whole drape. This can enlarge the look of a room also, by leading the eye from side to side. Also a great plan for small rooms. Oh, did I mention her project is no-sew? And a Ballard Designs knock-off?

12 Projects for Fabulous DIY Drapes & Curtains


Sarah from ‘The Yellow Cape Cod’ went a step farther with her bold striped DIY drapes, and she used a different technique. These are not done with paint, but with fabric and an iron! Oh, did I mention, another no-sew project? Love that! And yes, I love the bold stripe, even for a small room. Why? Sometimes you need a star in the room, no matter what. And they follow my “white background” tip above!



Ok, let’s go a new direction here. How about this really feminine, ruffled curtains tutorial from Rachel at ‘Maison de Pax’? These have great detail, but also work great in a small space because of the light color and feel. Of course, you could make them in any color you wanted! So soft and pretty! Be sure to check out her photos and see how amazing these look in her bedroom…

ruffled curtains west windows


One of the biggest problems we have when using curtains is “how do they look from outside”? We are going to jump back over to Kelly at ‘View Along the Way’ ’cause she has this great tutorial on how to sew lined curtains. The neutral lining not only makes the curtains look amazing from the street, they also add insulation to keep out light, heat and cold.



Want something with a little more glam? Try the tutorial for DIY gold leaf embellished curtains from Brynne at ‘The Gathered Home’. Easy and detailed tutorial with lot’s of photos makes it simple! I would love to see this done on a coral or pink curtain for a “rose gold” look… How amazing is this? And so less expensive then buying them!



Want fast? Try these 5 minute no-sew drop cloth curtains from ‘Thoughts from Alice’. Easy, fresh, simple… what more could you want?



Try this DIY vintage scarf curtains project from Kate Pruitt via ‘Design Sponge’ if you want a more bohemian look. Amazing paired with the modern mid-century style chair and table.



Looking for inexpensive? Try using burlap! This DIY ruffled burlap curtain tutorial from ‘The Caldwell Project’ will get you on your way, complete with tips on how to cut this fabric. Burlap is totally on trend for any style home… The texture alone is an amazing detail.



We saw this idea for using a braid technique on ‘Houzz‘… Unfortunately, try aa we might, we could not find a tutorial for this! Has anyone seen a DIY project that we could link to for instructions? Share with us in comments!

DIY drapes and curtains


Lastly, a quick idea for a creative way to hang your curtains… try using rope like in this photo by ‘Traditional Home‘. So simple, you wish you thought of it, right?

12 Projects for Fabulous DIY Drapes & Curtains

Image Credits: Simple Stylings, View Along the Way, The Soulful House, Yellow Cape Cod, Maison de Pax, View Along the Way, The Gathered Home, Thoughts from Alice, Design Sponge, Caldwell Project, Houzz, Traditional Home