Here are 12 more Halloween costume ideas for teens, from Stay Glam: 

Choosing a Halloween costume is not easy!

There are so many choices from scary to spooky to cute and more. We have done some of the hard work for you and found 12 more Halloween costume ideas for teens.

Any of these costumes will be a hit at any Halloween party. Take a look to find your favourite.


Next, we have a Gothic costume. This is a great image to take inspiration from as it can be used for a few different costumes. It has everything a Halloween costume needs. Add some teeth to create a vampire outfit or add some long nails and dark makeup to create a witches outfit. You could even just wear it as it is.

Gothic Costume for Halloween

Instagram | maria.heller.designs


Mermaids are very popular so would be a great costume choice for any teen. You can be as creative as you like with a mermaid costume to create a look unique to you. The costume featured is great as inspiration. The basics you will need are a bra top and a mermaid style skirt. You can also buy mermaid scale stencils to create the perfect makeup.

Mermaid Costume for Halloween

Instagram | mermaidbynick


Zombies are iconic characters for Halloween. A zombie costume is very easy to create. All you will need are clothes, makeup and fake blood. Rip your clothes, add the blood, wear dark makeup and you are good to go. Zombies are great last minute costumes to.

Zombie Costume for Halloween

Instagram | morganmar


Beauty and the Beast is a Disney favourite. Instead of being scary this Halloween you could be sweet and wear a Belle costume. You could buy the costume or get creative and make it yourself. A Belle costume will be a hit at any Halloween party.

Belle Costume for Halloween

Instagram | ostumes_by_aly


Be unique this Halloween with a costume like this one. This costume is of the popular sweets Nerds. Candy costumes are perfect for Halloween as you can be the treat. Something like this is perfect for the teen who does not want to take Halloween too seriously. It is a fun look!

Funny Nerds Costume for Halloween

Instagram | rick.cardes.salinas


The Nightmare Before Christmas is an iconic Halloween movie. So, why not dress up as Sally. You can buy a Sally costume or if you like crafts you could attempt it yourself. This is a spooky costume that would be perfect for any party. You could also get a friend to dress up as Jack Skellington!

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume

Instagram | ryu_shidara


Witches are classic Halloween characters. This witch costume is spooky and cute. You could add some dark makeup to create a scarier look or add some green makeup for the iconic wicked witch costume. It is easy to recreate and is low-cost. A witch is great as a last minute costume to.

Witch Costume for Halloween

Instagram | teachingwithmissm


Ahoy there matey! Pirates are great Halloween costume choices. You could be a cute pirate this like this costume featured or add some dark makeup to be a scary pirate or even a ghost pirate. This is a fun costume that will suit any teen.

Pirate Costume for Halloween

Instagram | tierradailey


Unicorns are very popular. So, why not dress up as a mystical unicorn this Halloween. This outfit is easy to recreate. You will need a white crop top and tulle skirt. Add your unicorn horn and some pretty makeup and you are good to go. We love this costume idea!

Unicorn Costume for Halloween

Instagram | vah_castro


Mummies are great choices for Halloween. The costumes are low-cost and easy to make. We also love these costumes because you can be creative. You can style your bandages however you like. This scary mummy has gone for a top and skirt combo. If you wanted a scarier look add some darker makeup.

Mummy Costume for Halloween

Instagram | viriguz


It wouldn’t be a Halloween list without a ghost costume. This spooky costume is perfect for Halloween and would suit any teen. You could buy a ghost costume or recreate one yourself. If you wanted to be really scary then add some dark makeup.

Spooky Ghost Costume for Halloween

Instagram | yesterdaynightcostumes


Next, we have a scary skeleton costume idea. A costume like this is easy to wear as it is just one piece. You will only need to concentrate on awesome skeleton makeup. There are so many tutorials available online to help you create spooky skeleton makeup. Skeleton costumes will be a hit at any party.

Scary Skeleton Costume for Halloween

Instagram | heartofhealing


Last on our list is this Harley Quinn costume. Harley is a very popular Halloween costume choice. You could easily recreate an outfit like this. You could also get someone else to dress up as the Joker. This is a fun costume choice that everyone will love.

Harley Quinn for Halloween

Instagram | all.of.marryluu

We hope you have been inspired by our Halloween costume ideas for teens!

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