12 Lovely DIY Stepping Stones For Your Garden

DIY stepping stones are amazing or creating really unique pathways in your garden without wasting money, it’s a great idea to refresh your garden décor, craft with kids and have fun outdoors incorporating them into your garden look. As pretty as they are, let’s not ignore their practical importance: these concrete beauties allow a person to walk through their garden easily without worrying about hurting precious plants. Stepping stones are laid to prevent the soil compaction that results from tromping through the garden beds. Even if you don’t go for a whole pathway, you can rock a couple of stepping stones here and there for a catchy touch. Here are some DIYs to make such cuties, get inspired!
Wanna add a catchy and chic touch to your garden? Love modern aesthetics and bold colors? Make these funny stepping stones! These are concrete stepping stones spruced up with a hexagon stencil, and bright weather-resistant acrylic craft paints that will withstand harsh weather conditions. Use any colors that fit your space and cover the pavers completely or partly with patterns and enjoy!

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