Everybody knows that before electricity was invented, people hung chandeliers with candles on them for light. You might think that this is an outdated and somewhat dangerous practice when in fact, it is a decor trick that can still be used to bring another element to a room. Candlelight is one of the softest most beautiful forms of light so opting for a hanging candle chandelier will give your space such an inviting feel. Take a look at these 12 hanging candle chandeliers you can buy or DIY and get ready to light things up.

This lovely candle chandelier uses glass hurricanes to keep your flames corralled. Plus you have those lovely crystals to help bounce and reflect your candlelight throughout the room. It definitely hints at lavish parties gone by. (via Walmart)

Are you a big fan of crystal chandeliers but want something that feels different? Hang candles in mason jars from a wagon wheel and then deck it out in all the crystals you desire to create a real showstopper. (via Wedding Chicks)

One of the very best things about candle chandeliers is that you can hang them indoors or outdoors. This double decker votive chandelier will look wonderful hanging in your dining room or on your patio. (via Pier 1)

Are you looking for that fairy lights effect with real flame? Use a wreath and some twine to hang tiny votive holders at different heights in a circle. With an hour or so to get your levels where you want them, you’ll create a candle chandelier worthy of any fairy tea party. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

It doesn’t get much better than this when you’re opting for the farmhouse look. Rust and curlicues topped with creamy candles will be a sight that any room or outdoor space would be glad to see. (via Etsy)

You don’t needs lots of expensive materials to create a candle chandelier. Just use some scrap wood and mason jars to make a very pretty and linear chandelier in no time. (via Style Me Pretty)

Get that same lovely look for less with this candle chandelier DIY. With a little effort and less money, no one will know that you made your own gathered candle chandelier instead of buying it. Plus, you can use real pillar candles or fake ones. (via Frugal Home Ideas)

Here is a votive chandelier whose charm will help it blend into any room in your home. Hang it in your kitchen or above your sofa or even by your bathtub for a relaxing candlelit bath. (via Etsy)

Are you despairing for materials that you can make things with? No problem. Take that ugly old electric chandelier out of your attic and turn it into something new and lovely with a bit of spray paint. It’s so lovely, you might want to make one for inside and out! (via In My Own Style)

Is there anything more perfect and beautiful than a glittering white taper candle? In just a few minutes, you can make this lovely chandelier to hoist those tapers high for everyone to enjoy their beauty. (via The Merrythought)

Most DIYers have some kind of crafting medium stash in a closet or shed. Rustle out your best barn wood and some chain to create this gorgeous rustic candle chandelier. It pairs incredibly well with those string lights on the patio. (via Remodelaholic)

Some of the very best DIYs happen when you use things you already have like wire and wood and vintage items. Use that thrifted ladder and some jars with wire to create this inviting candle chandelier for your porch or patio. (via Unskinny Boppy)

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