This year, I thought it’d be fun to share some last minute costume ideas so you don’t have to worry about what to wear on Halloween. I’ve put together 12 super easy costumes from items I already owned or picked up at my local thrift/craft store. These all take seconds to put together and can be worn for years to come! Be sure to share in the comments which costume is your favorite or what you plan to be for Halloween!

12 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume supplies:

  1. BabyOnsie, blanket, teddy bear, binky, double buns hairstyle
  2. Jazzercise Instructor – Exercise tank, white shirt, leggings, leg warmers, tennis shoes, sweatband, high ponytail
  3. Tourist – White tee, flannel shirt, khaki pants, tennis shoes, visor, sunglasses, camera, fanny pack.
  4. Nerd – White button up shirt, black suspenders, cropped jeans converse, textbooks, glasses, pens/pencils, pigtails
  5. Burglar – Black shirt, black pants, black shoes, black hat, black mask, black bag
  6. Bride – White lace shirt, white lace skirt, nude heels, white veil, faux flowers
  7. Hogwarts Student – Black cape, white button up shirt, striped tie, gray sweater, black jeans, tennis shoes, textbooks, wand
  8. Crazy Cat Lady – Cat pajamas, white shawl, slippers, hair rollers, small stuffed cats, safety pins
  9. Cat – Black shirt, black jeans, black shoes, black cat ears, black bow tie, black tail, black eyeliner
  10. Scarecrow – Straw hat, flannel shirt, jeans, brown boots, fall leave decor, black eyeliner
  11. Baseball Player – Gray/white tee, gray leggings, red hat, red knee-high socks, converse, baseball mitt, baseball, black eyeliner
  12. Queen BeeYellow/white striped shirt, black jeans, black shoes, crown headband, black pipe cleaner, yellow pom poms

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