As the weather gets colder and days get shorter, we’re hunkering down in our homes. For me and many of my friends, I’ll admit that means cozying up on our couches and catching up on all of the Netflix we missed in the summer months.

Spending more time at home also gives me the yearning for new decor for my space. Enter these 12 DIY projects, which are perfect to keep your hands busy while you binge on a new show, or keep you entertained all on their own.

Here are 12 fun DIY projects to try in November:

DIY Printed Pillow Covers

By November, most of autumn’s beautiful foliage is laying on the ground. Pick a few of your favorite shaped leaves off of the sidewalk and use them for this stamped-pillow DIY. With just a few simple steps and a bit of drying time, you’ve got a fall-inspired upgrade for your bedroom or living room that will stay trendy all year long.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Oh So Girly Blog.

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Image: Homey Oh My

DIY Mini Plant Stands

There comes a time for every plant owner when our planters and vases start to feel a little boring. There are plenty of funky DIY projects for painted planters out there, but for those who love simple Scandinavian design, these mini plant stands refresh your look without too much fuss. We especially like how they give philodendron room to really ‘hang’ out.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Homey Oh My.

DIY Modern Cake Stand

Holiday entertaining season is upon us, which is known as almost exclusively as dessert season in my home. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’re definitely going to need something to display sweet treats. This smart DIY used just a plate and candleholder to create a modern piece that may actually be easier than pie.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Earnest Home Co.

DIY Giant Macramé Rope Lights

Hanging bulbs have been a huge home interior trend throughout 2016, and will continue into next year. This macramé version puts a bohoemian twist on the classic light-and-cord version. No knitting or crocheting skills needed — this intricate design is made from a simple knot pattern (AKA can be done while watching Netflix)

Find the instructions for this DIY on Vintage Revivals.

DIY Ladder Shoe Storage

The change in season may mean you’re not wearing all of your favorite shoes, but you can use that as a reason to give them a spotlight storage solution. This ladder shelf makes a great display for all of your best footwear, but could easily accomodate books, beauty supplies, or other storage needs.

Find the instructions for this DIY on a pair and a spare.

banner wall art

Image: Brit + Co.

DIY Typographical Banner

Textile banners aren’t going out of style anytime soon, and we love the idea of DIY projects that can have custom messages on them. This version doesn’t require sewing skills, making it even easier to add a dose of personality to your walls.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Brit + Co.

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Image: Curbly

DIY Dishwasher Safe Decorating Mugs

As the weather gets colder, we’re drinking almost everything out of a mug. So why not take the time to design a new favorite one by hand? Look at thrift shops or IKEA for inexpensive white mugs that fit your liking, and dig out those Sharpies. Experiment with this easy DIY by trying different color mugs, or metallic markers.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Curbly.

diy wood burning kit

Image: Brit + Co.

DIY Wood Burnt Serving Tray

Another serving accessory you’ll want to add to your arsenal this holiday season is a homemade serving tray. This wood version looks sophisticated and complicated with the use of a wood burner, but with the right tool it’s as easy as drawing. Make a few to hold all of your cheese and crackers, and a few to give to envious houseguests — there will be some.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Brit + Co.

DIY Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers, like most bohemian-inspired home decor, are having a moment in the spotlight. This simple version comes together with just yarn and cross-stitching hoops. It can be finished and hung up before bedtime and is sure to bring both good dreams and great style to your bedroom.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Urban Outfitters.

DIY Cardboard Cacti 

Cacti have become the ultimate cool-home plant, found dotting windowsills and shelves in modern spaces. Cacti are perfect for those afraid of houseplants, too, since they’re super easy to care for. But for those with cats, kids, or any kind of plant commitment issues these cardboard cacti are a cute addition to any home — no watering required!

Find the instructions for this DIY on The House That Lars Built.

DIY Pom Pom Rug

You’ll be cheering for this pom pom rug, which is perfect for nurseries, home offices, or living rooms. Pick up a few of your favorite colors or use scraps from other yarn projects and get twisting. This project requires no glue or “real” sewing, so it’s as easy as it is beautiful to create.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Make and Do Crew.

DIY Confetti Tray

Add a little glam to your home while creating functional space. This cute DIY comes together quickly with the aid of push-pop confetti that can be found at most craft or party stores, but can use existing paper scraps that you’ve been meaning to get rid of as well. We love the look of this tray, and anything that enables us to have breakfast in bed more often.

Find the instructions for this DIY on Delineate Your Dwelling.

Which one of these DIY projects is your favorite? Are there any you’d like to see us create ourselves? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments section below!

Happy crafting!

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