12 Desks for the Home OfficeAfter several good years, and a few variations, I’m afraid that it’s the end of the DIY Mounted Wall Desk. As much as I love the desk and would highly recommend the project, it’s time for something new. Ryan and I have worked full-time, side by side, for the past year and a half, so it’s more than time for a little space. Our new apartment is bigger than our current one, so we’re going to get separate desks! Talk about luxury!

Part of me really wants a neutral desk (light brown or white) so that I can add all the color on the walls, floors, and of course the chair. It would also really help my colorful mouse pads pop. The other part of me knows there could never be too much color, so why not go big?! I’ll add more of my thoughts in the comments, but here are a few desks for the home office that I’m considering.  I’d love to hear which ones you like the most!

1. Cape Wood Desk 

2. Pink Desk

3. Caned Desk

4. Yellow Desk

5. Burl Wood Desk

6. Mint Desk

7. Writing Desk with Drawers

8. Green Desk

9. Marbled Desk

10. Blue Ikea Desk (under $75!)

11. White Desk

12. Blue Desk

PS if you’re looking for the perfect seat for your new desk, check out these 15 colorful office chairs I found!

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