A few weeks ago, I saw a picture on Instagram of a simple white daybed on a glass-enclosed porch. It was raining outside, but bright inside, and I decided immediately that my someday-home with its own bright porch will need to have a daybed just like this. As someone who thinks a lot about home design, it struck me that a daybed is something I’d never imagined adding to my own space.

Daybeds are beautiful, comfortable and perfectly usable pieces of furniture in today’s world. So why is it that they sometimes feel superfluous and bulky when we consider adding them to our own homes?

A daybed is one of the most versatile pieces we can add to a home, not to mention one of the oldest. Just ask the Romans, Greeks, or Egyptians. All preferred living room furniture that allowed them to lie down while entertaining, relaxing, even eating. The daybed predated the sofa, and did so by a longshot. How’s that for a vintage find?

Not only are there several purposes for a well-adorned daybed, but there are so many possibilities for where in your home you can place it. Master and guest bedrooms get a spot to put on shoes or read without wrinkling the duvet. Nurseries get a spot for watchful parents to close their eyes. Porches of all kinds gain a spot to enjoy the morning paper, watch the rain, or doze away the afternoon. It’s a lovely seat visitor in a home office, even if you’re not a psychiatrist.

Looking for inspiration for how to incorporate a daybed into your home? We’ve picked 12 dreamy daybeds to give you an idea of what you can do with one in your own home.

12 daybeds we’re daydreaming about:


French Meets Scandinavian

The ornate detailing we find in the twists and curves of French interior design play perfectly with the monochromatic palette popular in the countries a bit further north. A heavy dose of printed pillows and reimagined mid-century pendant lighting keeps the space looking modern and new.


Farmhouse DIY Daybed

This couple worked together to create a daybed that looks straight out of any of our favorite furniture stores. The base was hand-crafted and inspired by old church pews. Linens were sewn for a new cushion cover, as well as the several neutral pillows on the bed.


Vintage-Inspired Daybed

Leave it to Urban Outfitters to create a dainty and darling space that only needs a cup of tea and a good book. The delicate detailing in this mango wood is as easy on the eyes as the tufted cushion is on the body.


Image: BoligLiv

Plywood Perfection

Composite woods aren’t usually the grains that first come to mind when we think of luxury, but the raw surface of this simple daybed looks stunning when paired with the right cushion and pillow combination. This designer nailed it with neon yellow and a few geometrics.



Image: crookedseam


Pretty in Pink

A pink velvet piece of furniture may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think this rose colored daybed is a gentle nod to both vintage and 21st-century styles. The statement fabric is toned down by a no-frills wood frame, both which bode well with the modern meets bohemian decor.



Image: ae designs

Stud Finder

Inspired by 18th-century French furnishings, this daybed combines metal studs and 90-degree angles with the soft tones of linen for a balanced look in a modern space. Acting as a statement piece, this room doesn’t need much more to look completed. Bonus points: this bed (the Maison Daybed from Restoration Hardware) pulls out into a trundle as well.

Perfectly Undone

Daybeds do not have to be expensive or elaborate to play a starring role in your room. Take note of these linen-draped cushions, wrinkles and
all. A selection of pastel pillows and a striking deep aqua wall give the space depth and elegance — not to mention, a lot of functional seating.

Neutral Ground

The soft textiles and materials of this master bedroom appear cloudlike and comfortable beyond measure. The sleek shape of the daybed keeps it from looking too similar to the room’s main attraction, while still providing a place to rest, reflect, and unwind.


Image: mydomaine

Modern Bohemian Build-In

This chic daybed is proof that a lot of patterns together can be done well, and should be done often. Tribal-inspired prints and a rich oriental rug pull in navy and other deep tones, while a flax cushion cover and eggshell white walls balance their depth and keep the space bright.


Image: Gravity King

Funky Farmhouse

This darling corner is brought to you by a mix of all of our favorite elements: rich color, geometric pillows, a touch of fur, and plenty of sunshine. Mixed woods throughout the space embrace the mix-and-match farmhouse style, adorned with rustic antiques.



Image: Mad & Bolig

Feeling Blue

Or quite on the contrary. This electric blue daybed is a surge of color and energy in a mostly blank space. The brass accent and wood foundation of this piece give it a high-quality look, and the color, while bold, is tied in by graphic art prints on the surrounding walls.

For Hanging Out

Honestly, this daybed doesn’t look particularly stable, though that probably wouldn’t stop us from relaxing in this serene spot. It creates a comfortable, minimalist hideaway that stays lively with a heavy dose of plant life.

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