12 Colorful Decorative PillowsLet’s talk color, shall we? One of the questions I’m often asked is, “how can I make my home more colorful?”. I’m not sure what causes that barrier of being afraid of how to bring color home, but I was also in that same position years ago. I didn’t want to do or buy anything and it be “wrong”, so I just didn’t do anything at all. And let me tell you– that’s no way to live or design! Because what is wrong? If you love it and it’s your home then I say there is no wrong! It’s perfectly okay if you don’t get everything right immediately. Designing a space should take more than a day; there’s no need to rush (even if the internet makes it seem otherwise).

If you aren’t sure where to start on making over your home, I have the answer for you: colorful decorative pillows. They’re an easy accessory to swap in and out and can change the feel of an entire space, especially when layered. Plus once you have a few inserts, you can easily store the covers and mix things up seasonally or when you bring in other colorful elements. Just low maintenance and approachable enough to go as wild or bold as you want! Here are 12 color options that would look amazing in any home:

In order from how they appear in the image left to right, top rows to bottom rows–

1. Dancing Rainbows

2. Argo Pillow

3. Terracotta Embroidered 

4. Pink Leopard 

5. Wildwood

6. Orange circle 

7. Hi Pillow

8. Bonjour Soleil

9. Pangea

10. Beverly Pillow

11. Triangle

12. Abstract Yellow 

And if you’re looking for a DIY options, check out this DIY Pink Shibori Pillow and these DIY Pillows 3 Ways. Also check out my book Hello Color for more ideas on how to make your home more colorful.

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