There’s a movement rising called The Tiny House Movement. People are choosing to live in homes no larger than a few hundred square feet. Some of them are nestled into the forest. Some of them travel behind a truck. This way of life, living with less, is definitely appealing to many of us. When you have so little space to live in, every single decor decision you make is important. You don’t have that much space to work with so even too much color can overwhelm you. It makes total sense that most of the interiors are neutral.

12 Best House Colors For Your Tiny House’s Exterior
12 Best House Colors For Your Tiny House’s Exterior

White, black and beige with color added in curtains, pillows and dishes. So when you’re planning a tiny home, it’s best to think about color for the outside. Take a look at these 12 exterior colors for your tiny house plans.

White houses give off some serious farmhouse vibes, even if your house could fit inside a traditional farmhouse. White is classic and country, giving you all the opportunity for outdoor decor and landscaping. And since many stationary tiny homes have half of their living space outdoors, it’s helpful to give that patio area a white backdrop for bright patio furniture.

On the other end of the scale, black also makes a great color for tiny house exteriors. It’s sleek and modern feel gives guests a good idea of what they’ll find on the inside of your home. Also, it somehow makes your indoor lighting seem brighter when you come home for the night, making your tiny house the coziest place in the world.{found on landarkrv}.

Since so many of these tiny homes are very contemporary in structure, gray is the other neutral that really lends a hand to the modern feel. Whether it’s true gray siding or gray stained wood, it will highlight your windows and other outdoor accents without being so boldly black.

Ready to venture into the world of color? Other than neutrals that is. For a classic looking tiny home, pale sage green is a perfect option. Being almost accepted as neutral, it will give you that hint of shade without being too bright. It also gives a lovely backdrop for wood accents and outdoor plants.

Many tiny homes lean on the rustic side of styling and it’s no wonder when so many are made completely of wood. So it doesn’t surprise us that forest green is a lovely shade for a tiny home. It pairs very well with the brown wood and really eliminates the need for any outdoor decor. Just what you want when your home is on wheels.{found on tinyhouselover}.

Mint is such a fun color that has seen a boom lately. It only makes sense that it would be an adorable option for a tiny house. Give your exterior a mint green makeover and you’ve created the backdrop for all of your Instagram photos. Imagine you and your minty house taking pictures all over the country! It’s the kind of house you can be besties with.

Blue is another common color for a house exterior. Pastel blue on a she shed house provides a lovely coastal vibe that will convince you to decorate the indoors with woven baskets and starfish. White trim makes the exterior feel nostalgic while black trim could give it a contemporary update. Choose your goal and get to painting.

Speaking of contemporary, navy has made its mark on the exterior color game. Being blue, it’s softer than black and just a little friendlier than black. So a navy blue tiny house will inevitably be the most welcoming place on the block, whatever block it’s parked on.

You won’t find a person nowadays who doesn’t like turquoise. It’s bright and happy and such a beachy shade. Whether your tiny house is by the ocean or not, painting the exterior in turquoise will give you all those happy seaside vibes even when you can’t be there in person.{found on tinyhouseswoon}.

You know it wouldn’t be a proper exteriors article if we didn’t include pink. It’s a serious hit out there! A pastel pink tiny house is worthy of any fairytale story, whether it’s mobile or not. You’ll probably be inspired to decorate with lace and roses but is that too bad?

Pastel pink a little too girly for you? Try coral instead. Just a stone’s throw away from pink, it feels trendy and unique. It’s another shade that matches well with white or black, depending on the vibes you want. Take a cue from the interior as you make those decisions.{found on tinyliving}.

Orange is such a bright and brave color for a home’s exterior, no matter the size. But at least a tiny house is smaller and easier to paint so if you go with orange, it won’t be hard to switch. One thing is for sure, no one else has an orange house. It will keep you cozy during long winters and rainy days.{found on smallhousecatalog}.

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