Organizing your closet is a pain right?  And it’s something that you probably dread even if it’s hard to go through all of your things trying to find just the shirt or shoes that you’re looking for.  That’s because it seems like we all have a tendency to actually pile things up even in a big closet, unless you have the right type of organizer in place.  That’s where wood closet shelving can be so very important and easy to use.  You’re going to find that they are not difficult to install, and they are remarkably easy for you to actually use and manipulate as a form of really easy storage.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right types of wood closet systems.

Wood closet shelving is also have an advantage in look for your clothes organization. That’s why there are thousand of wood closet shelving ideas you can find from the internet and many other references. But, if you have no much time to sort the best one to adopt, here we’ve already collected the best 12 beautiful inspirations of wood closet shelving you’ll love. Let’s sit and check these out!

1. Wood and Industrial Pipe Combination for Closet

You can combine wood and pipes to make a catchy closet shelving combination. This idea will sure costs lower than a common wood closet shelving. Look at the picture below to have a reference.

Wood Closet Shelving 1
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2. Light Wooden Closet Shelving for Small Space

You want to have wood closet shelving but having no large space of closet? Don’t worry, just make it with light-colored wood and adopt this idea by the picture below.

Wood Closet Shelving 2
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3. White Wood Closet Shelving and Cabinets

And white color also good to make a room looks bigger, including your closet. You can have a larger-looked closet with a wooden shelf and cabinet with this idea below.

Wood Closet Shelving 3
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4.’Rustic Floating Closet Shelving

Who says that closet shelving cannot come in a stylish rustic way? Look at this picture below! The idea looks too cool to be true for a closet. Yes it can be true if you choose the material and finishing well, to make sure your clothes and the other things are safe.

Wood Closet Shelving 4
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5. Let the Clothes ‘Breath

Having wood closet shelving doesn’t mean you can’t let your clothes ‘breath’ between the shelves, just like the advantage you can get from the wire shelves. Steal this idea below to your closet to proof it.

Wood Closet Shelving 5
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6. Wood Closet Shelving and Good Natural Lighting

Sun lights gives a good benefit to some cloth materials, and it kills the unwanted termite or anything that could appear from bad wooden shelf. Make the natural lights give its advantage to your closet by this idea, if your closet is on the wall which connect to the outside of the house.

Wood Closet Shelving 6
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7. Dark Wood Shelving for Small Closet

To emphasize the the shape of your closet, you will need dark-colored shelves to make it come true. Adopt the idea of this dark wood shelving for your main purpose.

Wood Closet Shelving 7
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8. Bold Dark Wooden Closet Shelving

It looks classic and very make sense for a closet. Adopt this to your conventional closet concept. Sure the strong appearance will last long as it look.

Wood Closet Shelving 8
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9. Light Colored Wood for U-shape Closet Layout

Look at this beautiful colored wood to be a wood closet shelving. Sure everybody will love to have it as the concept of their closet. So you have to try it, too!

Wood Closet Shelving 9
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10. Simple White Wooden Closet Shelving

No need to be complicated and messy, just adopt this idea of white wooden closet shelving for your simple and elegant closet.

Wood Closet Shelving 10
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11. Rustic Wood Closet Shelving and Wood Backgrounds

And here is another idea of rustic wood closet shelving. The special thing is the closet’s wall that is also make of wooden pallet. The concept really make a closet as a very warm and comfortable space. What are you waiting for?

Wood Closet Shelving 11
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12. White L-shaped Wood Closet Shelving

Looking for an L-shaped wood closet shelving? Here is one of the ideas you can adopt for your needed space.

Wood Closet Shelving 12
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After finding out which idea you will adopt for a wood closet shelving, don’t forget to measure for space, so that you can ensure that you’re going to be able to figure out just what type of wood closet systems is going to work for you. Have a good time deciding your favorite layout and look of wood closet shelving.

If you are looking for another shelving idea besides of clothing closet, you should take a look at our earlier post about decorative wall shelves. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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