12 Awesome Dexter Themed Products For You.

Do you remember this little genius who had a secret workplace below his parents home and was always busy with his innovations? Dexter, the little genius and trouble maker Dee Dee, and we even had a fellow boy-genius Mandark, Dexter’s neighbor and classmate in a bitter rival. And now we have Dexter Themed Products for your everyday use.

#1 Dexter Pendant

Dexter Pendant

#2 Dexter “Pour Some” Lean Iron or Sew Patch


#3 Dee Dee Vinyl Sticker

Dee Dee Vinyl Sticker

#4 Handsome Dexter Hard Enamel Pin

Handsome Dexter Hard Enamel Pin

#5 Dexter Toy Porcelain Coin Box Tall

Dexter Toy Porcelain Coin Box Tall

#6 Dexter Wristwatch

Dexter Wristwatch

#7 Dexter Vinyl Sticker

Dexter Vinyl Sticker

#8 Dexter’s Throw Pillows

Dexter's Throw Pillows

#9 Dexter’s Tote Bags

Dexter's Tote Bags

#10 Dexter’s Travel Cup

Dexter's Travel Cup

#11 Dexter’s iPhone Cases and Covers

Dexter's iPhone Cases and Covers

#12 Dexter’s Keychain

Dexter's Keychain

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