115 The Best Hairstyle Ideas of 2020

Here are the best hairstyle ideas that we covered on Styleohlic during 2020. Don’t miss them because they are really cool and interesting. Btw, here are the best hairstyle ideas from the previous year.

We’ve gathered some hair color trends of 2020, take a look and get inspired.
5 Hair Color Trends Of 2020 And 25 Ideas

We’ve gathered some simple hairstyle ideas for every day – those that you have always wanted to try but never had time for them!
15 Easy Hairstyles To Make Every Day

The AirTouch technique uses air, versus teasing/backcombing, to create a seamless blend of color. Here are ideas to rock it.
15 AirTouch Hair Ideas That Are Totally In Trend

There are still lots of easy hairstyles you can try even with short hair, take a look!
15 Easy And Chic Ways To Style Short Hair

A bowl or a mushroom haircut is one of the hottest trends among short haircuts this year. Lets see how to rock it.

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