Tapestry has been an enduring piece of home decor for centuries. They are a unique and elegant way to spruce up any home, and with so many to choose from, you will never be at a loss for finding a great tapestry. They are a piece of art that endlessly gives. While a simple painting may bore you eventually, the precise level of detail that goes into tapestry weaving is endlessly fascinating. Tapestries are just as beautiful as paintings, it is simply more practical to display a tapestry instead of a painting.

One of the unique way to display a tapestry in a bedroom is by having them over the bed. You can have it literally over your bed, or just hang them on the wall around your bed.

In this post, we are going to discuss about some great tapestry ideas for your creative room. If you are young and creative, these idea might be an awesome way to boost your mood in the bedroom. Check these ideas of tapestry over bed!

1.  Simple Warm Colored Tapestry

Give your room a warm touch by choosing a tapestry with warm colors. Just like the idea below, even though you already have a bedroom in natural colors, you can add a warm ambiance with the tapestry and some cushions.

Tapestry Over Bed 1
Image via residencestyle.com

2. Zodiac-sign Tapestry

People who love to have many zodiac related items will always love this idea of zodiac-sign tapestry. With all the sign and symbol about zodiac and astrological sign, it will turn the bed into a magical spot in the room.

Tapestry Over Bed 2
Image via www.pinterest.com

3. Unique Dorm

Have a boring dorm or small bedroom? Let’s do some creativity with tapestry in this style below. It constantly turn your bedroom into a wonderland!

Tapestry Over Bed 3
Image via www.mrkate.com

4. Thin Canopy Tapestry

If your tapestry’s size is not long or wide enough to cover all over the bed, you can have this idea of canopy tapestry. With thin tapestry, you can easily make it into any shape or flow you want.

Tapestry Over Bed 4
Image via www.pinterest.com

5. Soft Colored Tapestry in Canopy Style

Another idea of canopy-styled tapestry over bed. With more antique and classical style, everyone would never refuse to have one of this idea for their bedroom.

Tapestry Over Bed 5
Image via pinterest.com

6. Ombre Indian Mandala Hippie Tapestry

Or you want a touch of ombre color for a tapestry over your bed? This idea by the picture below might help you a lot.

Ombre Indian Mandala Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging
Image via www.ebay.com

7. Skull Tapestry

Do you love skull-related items? Good news, you can this idea of skull tapestry to have a creativity over your bed.

Skull Tapestry
Image via www.dormco.com

8. Baroque Rose Tapestry

Or you want a little bit touch of floral style on your tapestry? This idea of baroque rose tapestry will fulfill your need perfectly.

Baroque Rose Tapestry
Image via www.wayfair.com

9. Cheerful Colored Tapestry

This idea of tapestry will easily brighten up the feeling in your bedroom. Imagine you wake up every morning or coming back home from your tiring days and have this as a positive looking art. That would be awesome.

Tapestry Over Bed 9
Image via pinterest.com

10. Indian Tapestry and Sari Over Bed

Here is a good idea for you who wants to be creative with your sari and your bed. steal this idea below and have a fun bedroom concept!

Vintage Sari Bed Canopy
Image via babylonsistersshakeit.blogspot.com

11. Corner Tapestry with Light Bulbs

This idea of corner tapestry over you bed might also give a unique beauty. Moreover if you combine it with some wall decor and beautiful light bulbs.

Tapestry Over Bed 11
Image via www.pinterest.com

After all, you have to know your bedroom and how wise the tapestry position is for the cleaning routine. Have a good time making a beautiful and creative room with tapestry over bed!

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