In spite of all the rain and cool weather, we find autumn to be very charming. There’s much to love about it and we’re not referring only to the beautiful foliage although this seems to be the season’s main attraction. We love the colors of the autumn and the idea of bringing them indoors through DIY fall decorations. It just happens that we prepared a few very simple ones for you today. They’re our favorite examples of DIY fall decor. They capture the essence of the seasons in some pretty cool ways.

Don’t you love the smell of autumn and winter? It’s usually the oranges and cinnamon sticks that remind us of these cozy seasons. You can intentionally bring the scent into your home with some DIY stovetop potpourri. You can make some using orange slices, red apple slices, rosemary and cinnamon sticks. You’ll need a dehydrator and an air-tight container such as a jar if you plan to offer it as a gift or a pot and some water if you want to make the most of these ingredients yourself.

If you want to make something that will last more than the beautiful scent of the potpourri, maybe you’d like to make a simple fall garland using fallen leaves and branches. It should be easy enough to find all you need in a park or even in your own backyard. The garland looks great against a neutral background and you can display it in the bedroom, living room, even in the kitchen or in your home office.

These fall-inspired wall hooks are cute and quirky and the method used for making them is actually pretty simple. The leaf and pumpkin have simple shapes and you can paint them using earthy autumn colors. This is what you’ll need: plaster, orange dye, silicone molds, wall hooks with screws, a cup and some water. You can choose any form you want so get creative.

Did you know that plastic eggs can be made to look like acorns? They’re very cute too and you can paint them in any color you want. Use this idea to make a lovely table centerpiece for Thanksgiving or a fall decoration which you can display casually on a shelf, a console table or on your living room coffee table. Here’s what you’ll need for the acorn eggs: jute twine, spray paint in fall colors, glue and of course a bunch of plastic eggs, preferably small.

Pumpkins are very popular during Halloween but in fact they’re a symbol of fall in general and can be turned into all sorts of nice home decorations such as these cinnamon pumpkin candles. To make them you need small to medium pumpkins, soy candle wax flakes, some cinnamon stick candle scent, candle wicks, bamboo skewers (pencils work too) as well as some glue. Feel free to paint or decorate the pumpkins if you want.

Throw pillows are excellent decorations for spaces such as the living room or the bedroom. that being said, you can have different themed pillows for special events or you can change them with the seasons. For fall, we suggest making some chic leaf-themed pillows using white fabric, hot melt adhesive sheets, decorative foil in various metallic colors, pillow inserts, an iron and leaf-shaped templates. These foiled pillows will definitely stand out.

It’s pretty cool how many interesting things you can do with pumpkins. It’s no wonder they’re so popular and it’s not just real pumpkins but the faux kind too. If you like this centerpiece, you can use two artificial pumpkins to make one just like it. These ones are painted using copper metallic spray paint and they look pretty nice. When you pick the pumpkins, make sure they’re not too big or too small so they can fit on the candleholder that you’re going to use as a base. I guess you can just put the pumpkin centerpiece directly on the table if you want.

Pumpkins can be a source of inspiration without even being an actual part of the project. For example, this is a pumpkin-inspired basket/ box designed to hold potted plants and other such things. Its back panel is actually shaped like a pumpkin, with a stem and all and the entire piece is painted orange to further highlight the connection. If you want to make something similar, start with an unfinished wood planter or just a simple box and a wood pumpkin cut out. You’ll also need orange and brown paint and wood glue. You’ll have a pumpkin fall basket in no time.

You can make a beautiful fall centerpiece by simply bringing some of that beautiful foliage we all like into your home. Go ahead and gather a bunch of fallen leaves of different colors and maybe even some berries, cones or anything else you like and gather them in a bouquet. Display it in a vase or in a jar. It would be nice for the container to feature a fall color as well. You should also check out candle jar upcycling ideas.

We keep coming back to pumpkins, being drawn by their charm and versatility. That being said, here’s yet another pumpkin-based fall project. This time it’s a fresh take on decor and the pumpkins are small and light-colored. There’s four of them here, each featuring a letter on it. Together they spell out “fall”. Look closely and you’ll see that the letters are actually made of antique keys. This is the part we like most about this updated pumpkin project.

As popular as pumpkins are this season, Mason jars are even more popular. There are tons of DIY projects based on the simple glass jar and this is one of them. As you can see, there’s not much to it. Each jar is decorated with a bit of twine and a metal washer is attached to the twine section, sort of like a tag. You can use the jars are vases. This Mason jar and twine centerpiece is one of the easiest DIY projects ever.

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