Mysterious and bold, black makes a statement by being a blank slate. It is the absorption of all color, a design chameleon of sorts. Depending on how you layer black with other colors in a space, the mood can shift dramatically. “It brings depth and mood where there is none, architecture where it is lacking, and contrast within a room,” says interior designer Patrick Mele. Want to go dark? Mele suggests painting a wall (or entire space) for major impact, or integrating the darkest hue as an accent, such as a black lacquered lampshade or an iron curtain rod. “Like a leather bomber or a LBD, black is eternally chic in décor.” 
Where to Eat
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Little King, Brooklyn
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Romita Comedor, Mexico City
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Dreamy color moments to surround yourself in.
Le Roche, Paris
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Blakes Hotel, London

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Black-hued decor inspirations.
Alexander Wang, New York City
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Go outside to get your dark fix.
Black Sand Beach, Vik, Iceland
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