Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year to have a wedding. And as the temperature cools down the leaves begin to change color from green to a bright array of red, orange and yellow.

Those beautiful leaves can easily be incorporated into your wedding scheme and decor, from your bridal bouquets to your bridal party attire and even to your wedding invitations, wedding cakes and wedding arches, altars and arbors .

A beautiful wedding ceremony arch, altar or arbor can create a stunning setting for exchanging your wedding vows while also providing a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photographs.

It doesn’t matter whether your wedding ceremony will be in a big, elegant church, in a rustic, old garden, or on a white, sandy beach.

Or whether you take a minimalist approach and use a trellis or preexisting structure, or go all out with flowers or greenery, creating the structure itself, there’s really quite a range to consider from inspirational wedding ceremony aisle arches to fabulous fall wedding altars from rustic to glam. 

Here are 11 arbors perfect for the autumn-obsessed bride, from Wilkie: 

Incorporating the season into your wedding décor is one of the best ways to enhance your overall theme – especially during the magic of Fall!

Imagine exchanging your vows under an arbor full of fresh foliage, it just doesn’t get much more romantic than that! Here are our 11 autumnal arbors to inspire your Fall senses.  

1. Farmhouse Frame

Take a page from the season’s gorgeous color scheme in this rustic-inspired construction. A wooden trellis covered in warm-toned blooms is the perfect shelter for your “I Do’s”, especially when its outside of a country farmhouse or southern-chic barn.
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideHi Miss Puff

2. Circle of Love

Turn your vows into an infinite display of your union with a circular arbor! We love this structure’s play on light and dark florals.
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideMark & Kara

3. Minimalist Beauty

If you’ve got a more reserved taste in wedding décor, this arbor trend is definitely one to steal. These plum-colored petals add just enough flair on this nature-inspired display, so that your flowers won’t steal the attention from you and your man!

11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideBrit + Co.

4. Trendy Tree Trunk

Forget the carpentry! Ditch the lumber and metal rods that go into a traditional arbor when you use an all-natural tree trunk as your flowers’ canvas! Not only does this décor show off your expert crafting skills, but it’s a perfectly picturesque addition to any Fall wedding album!
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideAdriana White Photography

5. Soft Ombre

Place your florals from light to dark in Fall’s signature color scheme (think: dark red to burnt orange to blush!) for an optical illusion that guests will pine for!
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideTaylor Lord

6. Blush and Burgundy

It’s official: the blush and burgundy trend has taken over the Fall wedding scene. The color scheme has become a staple for autumn nuptials, tying together one soft tone and one bold, making for some seriously romantic wedding photos. Needless to say, we’re obsessed.
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideEric Ronald Photography

7. Fireside Florals

While Fall means that its getting a little brisker outside, keep your ceremony nice and toasty by incorporating a fireplace into your arbor scene! Place your favorite Fall florals atop a warm built-in fireplace for a unique and seasonal spin on this classic piece of décor!

11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BridePinterest

8. Yellow Florals

…that aren’t sunflowers!
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideSoil and Stem

9. Mix-and-Match Blooms

Can’t decide on one color scheme for your Fall arbor? Then don’t! Get inspired from the Fall foliage by placing various colors and types of florals in your arbor. The arrangement will look so natural, your guests will swear it grew right from the ground!
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideEmily Wren Photography

10. Renovated Metals

Say “I Do” under a rustic-inspired arbor made from weathered metals, such as this gorgeous display! Put your DIY skills to the test by renovating old materials, like this aluminum siding, and creating a totally-unique arbor to say your vows under!
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideJen Rodriguez

11. Cherry Skies

Another color we’re sweet on at the moment: bold cherry! This unexpected pop of color is definitely not just for lipstick anymore. Use this juicy hue in your arbor by creating arrangements with a variety of bright red blooms, such as dahlias, impatiens, and of course, the traditional rose.
11 Arbors Perfect For The Autumn Obsessed BrideJustin Lee Images

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