We know that we are all about encouraging everyone to have worthy ambitions in terms of studies, career goals, life goals, bucket list completions, social aspirations and so on. But the fashion world is a bit different in the sense that we believe that what you are outside, (which some may say is superficial and they are not completely wrong) is also important and it is vital you have ambitions around that. Because fashion is not just about appearances but also about feeling good and gaining confidence and also about pleasing the eye of the onlooker or garnering envy as the case may be. We feel that you should also be having such ambitions even if your interest in the fashion world is only marginal because it is about ensuring that you have the boost that you often need to your spirits. To that end, we are trying to help you find your look for the year to come by giving you a list of outfits for you to wear in the coming year. You would be surprised how good you will feel when you make a list like this. It is like looking at a friend or acquaintance who is wearing fantastic funnel neck dress outfits for comfort and realizing that it should go on your must wear list too.

Outfits For I Will Be Wearing In 2017

The thing is that this list cannot be universal given our diverse looks, lives and livelihoods, but the concept is indeed universal, which is why we are trying to put together a list like this. Take for instance, sexy slash neck dresses to leave them gasping for more; these may not even work in some cultures of the world due to the value system or even due to the weather conditions, but it is important to have this concept out there for others to ponder and think about. Your personal taste and choice may veer more towards tantalizing tie waist dresses for a trim look while another person may consider the sequin dress the right dressing style to aim for, but that is the fun of it.

But to start with, we suggest that you look at the images we have given here before you even start the list. This way you can be sure that you have seen the choices around and have had a chance to assimilate what would work on you. It is a fact that not all choices and styles would work on all women and girls, which is fine and if anything, this makes it easier to compile the list. For instance, a woman in her forties can wear faded skinny jeans but not maybe the torn ones. But most women can pull off the sweater and jeans avatar though with a few tweaks to suit her. In the same way the off shoulder look can also be something that many women can aspire to with a few changes for factors like the place they live in, their age and style among other factors.

The skinny pants, t-shirt, and loose shirt on top is a blessing when it comes to most figure types as it can accentuate or hide the features of your body as the case may be. The short skirt look is also something that is surprisingly flexible and can be molded to most styles and a lot of body types. The list of outfits that you can wear during the coming year would also be dictated by your current style and the style you aim for. In short, your fashion ambitions for the time to come, which will be a great way to think about it. Do tell us what your fashion ambitions are for the year to come.

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