The combination of chocolate with strawberries is loved by all. But instead of dipping them in plain melted chocolate, you can be a little more creative and decorate your strawberries in a unique way. Regarding the ideas, take a look:

1. Make Chocolate Strawberry Teacups as a Perfect Dessert for a Tea Party

Image via: Berries15 @ etsy

2. Coat Your Strawberries in Orange Candy Melts to Mimic Carrots

Image via: lil luna

3. Cut Strawberries in Half, Join Them with Toothpicks and Coat in Chocolate to Make Hearts

Image via: 1 fine cookie

4. Cover Strawberries in Petals Created from Modeling Chocolate to Make Roses

Image via: holidappy , how to cook that

5. Coat Strawberries in Neon Candy Melts and Then Put Edible Glitter

Image via: pinterest

6. Make Mickey or Minnie Mouse Strawberries

Image via: pinterest , Jenni’s Delights

7. Coat Your Strawberries in Green Candy Melts and Then Make Ninja Turtles with Contrasting Color Candy Melts

Image via: Berries15 @ etsy

8. Make White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Easter Bunnies

Image via: the idea room , sweet pea’s kitchen

9. Dip Your Strawberries in White Chocolate and Then Dip in Sprinkles

Image via: the capitol baker

10. Make These Wonderful Rainbow Strawberries with Candy Melts in Rainbow Colors

Image via: love bakes good cakes

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