Modern decor is the perfect way to simplify the style in your home and clear your mind in the process. But some find difficulty transitioning to modern decor while keeping their unique style. Rather than cluttering up shelves and tables with knick knacks, many modern decorators prefer to add a bold pop of color to bring personality to their space.

Chartreuse accent day bedChartreuse kitchen backsplashModern living room with fireplace and accent chartreuse chairChartreuse curved velvet sofa

If you’re in that tight spot, searching for that element that is uniquely yours, you might consider chartreuse. This bright yellow green hugh is bolder than hot pink, brighter than orange and certain to be a memorable part of your home to whoever comes to visit. Take a look at these 10 ways to use the chartreuse color in your modern home.

As we know very well, the easiest way to update your home’s decor is in the details. Beginning with the pillows on your sofa, add chartreuse in a pattern you enjoy. This simple touch will brighten up your living room instantly and provide much needed comfort to your book reading.

If you have a little more money to spend, consider a chartreuse accent chair for your living room. Accent chairs are a great way to make a statement in a living room so such a bright color will be inviting in your modern space. Especially when surrounded by the usual neutral shades in modern homes.

Thinking about getting a new sofa for this new modern living room of yours? Now you can get sofas made to your unique specifications which means there might be a chartreuse sofa in your future. Just envision walking into your living room and sitting on a velvet chartreuse sofa. You know that nobody else you know will have one.

Living rooms aren’t the only place for chartreuse accent furniture. Put a chartreuse fabric covered stool in your bathroom. Or a chartreuse chaise in your bedroom. These places will benefit just as much from the pop of color as your living room will.

Dining room chairs? Sure, why not! Chartreuse dining chairs is a great way to bring a little style and personality to a room that, in a modern home, is probably pretty bare. After all, you don’t want to cover your wall with plates or your table with candles when you’re aiming for the sleek and modern look.

When a room has curtains that kiss the floor, you can’t help but stare and feel like you’re in some completely luxurious space. Deck out your bedroom in chartreuse curtains that boast silk or velvet fabric. You won’t regret the extra expense because it will save you having to add details elsewhere.

The artwork you find in modern homes is usually minimal but large. So it only makes sense that you would find some chartreuse artwork to add to your home. Cover that space above your sofa or the corner by the dresser or even that empty wall in the kitchen. Whether it’s a big chartreuse line or a couple chartreuse circles… or even just a splatter of chartreuse paint that you made yourself, you’ll be glad of the color.

Speaking of chartreuse paint, you can totally get away with a chartreuse wall in a modern home. Choose a smaller area like a bathroom, hallway or closet so it won’t be as overwhelming to the eyes and get to brushing on that bright shade. You’ll find it will help the space speak for itself without any extra fluffing.

Did you know there is such a thing as chartreuse wallpaper? Absolutely. Even if the pattern strikes you as rather traditional, put next to sleek surfaces and clean lines, it will be as modern as you please. Large pattern won’t be as heavy looking but if your space is very small, go for a smaller pattern that you’ll see more of.

One way to really cement chartreuse into your home is to tile it in. Think kitchen backsplash or that inset shelf in the shower. If you’re really into the shade, don’t be afraid to go all out and make it a permanent fixture in your modern home.

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