The hobby of reading and collecting books can consume a lot of space. It fills up man-caves, bedrooms and bookshelves and spare rooms making a mess wherever there is free space. If you’re new to book addiction, you might not be sure how to store your books in an efficient manner and even more seasoned collectors can find this a daunting task as their collection grow.

The best problem solving for this case is the right place to store books. But you can’t just buy a new wooden or metal bookshelves as it will occupy the space more than you need, and of course, costs a lot. Let your books have their proper book storage boxes to make them in order and flexible to put anywhere you want. You don’t have to think hard where to put your storage, as you can put it under your desk, bed, or any other possible space you want.

These idea of book storage boxes could help to store your collection in a manner that will be kept in great condition, while consuming less space. Let’s take a look and have some inspirations!

1. Comic Prints

Make it looks creative and fun by choosing this print of book storage boxes. Comic prints always represent a creative and catchy look for many accessories, such as bag, pouch, etc. Look at the picture below to ensure you for having this idea of book storage boxes.

Book Storage Boxes 1
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2. Transparent Plastic Box

Plastic is a good idea as it is a long-lasting property you can have for any kind of storage. It can be a good place for you books also. Moreover if you choose the transparent one. You will be easy to find your favorite book without opening boxes one by one, and of course, it keeps away the unwanted dust or dirt from you books. Very worth!

Book Storage Boxes 2
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3. Black and White Boxes

You can’t have a some book storage boxes without hurting the existing interior design, even if you already had a modern or simple contemporary kind of interior. Just pick the right neutral colored boxes and your placement do the rest. Just like this black and white book storage boxes that will help you to store the books and give a chic simple look to the storage spot.

Book Storage Boxes 3
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4. Book-ception

Look like books in books. Yes, you can have this book storage boxes by doing DIY project for it, or find some store that sell this kind of storage. It really make your books storage unique and has a timeless look. Try it.

Book Storage Boxes 4
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5. Yellow Plastic Basket

Plastic boxes always good for any kind of storage, just like this idea. Give a vibrant and cheerful color for your book storage just like this idea of yellow plastic basket. It is also can be a good choice for your children’s book storage. The color sure will make the children easy to find and happy to store their own book by their-selves.

Book Storage Boxes 5
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6. Cute Prints

This common book storage system won’t look boring anymore  if you can choose your favorite prints on it. Look at the picture below and take them as your inspiration!

Book Storage Boxes 6
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7. Pastel Mood

Pastel colors are good also for you book storage box. It gives you a calm look for a crowded storage. Adopt it for your books and save your space with this idea of beautiful storage!

Book Storage Boxes 8
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8. With Cute Handle

Look at this cute plastic box. It can be a very good idea for your books to store. It also easy to handle and move since it has a cute handle on its top.

Book Storage Boxes 9
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9. Movable

Make the move easier by this idea of movable book storage box. Look at the solid shape from the wood and and wheels that makes every move easier.

Book Storage Boxes 10
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10. Cute Baskets

Who doesn’t love to have these cute plastic baskets to store their books? Yes, you can adopt it too. Take a look at the picture below for some references.

Book Storage Boxes 11
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With these book storage boxes ideas you will no longer have piles upon piles of books all over the house allowing for free space for other important things – like more books!

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