When your home has a small front yard, it’s imperative that you see it as a blessing that you have a space of grass at all. Most of the time, it means your neighbors in the concrete jungle have little to no grass at all on their property. They might not have an outdoor space to speak of. But when you have even a small strip of front yard to landscape, you have the ability to beautify your home in several creative and beautiful ways. Here are 10 ways to give your small front yard a makeover and improve the look of your home.

Even a space that is small horizontally has plenty of space vertically. Use the stairs of your home to help you make levels of planting space that will give your landscaping depth and interest.

When your entire front yard is so small, there is no shame in the desire to do away with your grass completely. Cover the whole area in landscaping mulch or rocks and have a ball with all your newfound landscaping space!

If you’re looking for a way to create some vertical landscaping layers on a budget, head to the hardware store for some wood. It’s cheap and easy to manipulate into as many layers as will fit in your front yard.

Everyone loves a good flower bed. Read up on cutting gardens and using your information about flowering plants, create a bed in your front yard that will bloom you flowers from March to November. Not one visitor or neighbor will be able to complain.

Fences are good for more than just privacy. By fencing in your front yard, you immediately create more edges in your yard which means more opportunity for landscaping. Use a low fence that will make your house look welcoming instead of naming all passersby trespassers.

Is your yard so small as to make vertical layering impossible? Think again. Don’t be afraid to use some tall plants that will give the illusion of layers without requiring a boost. Think leafy palms and emerald shrubs for inspiration.

Let’s not forget about color! A really eye catching piece of landscaping blends the greenery with bright pops of petals. Choose a flowering plant whose blooms will complement your house’s exterior and find ways to incorporate them among your shrubs.

Many of us have no time for landscaping beds filled with finicky plants that need weeding and trimming and fertilizing constantly. For our small front yard, choose plants that grow bigger and bushier all by themselves. All you’ll be responsible for is a yearly mulching and pruning.

Not really feeling the landscaping game? Give yourself a tiny bed for a few bushes and fill the rest of your front yard with a lovely deck area. Such a gorgeous space will invite neighbors and friends to have a sit and a talk and slow down a little bit, which is definitely more important than landscaping.

Love the idea of encouraging your neighbors to visit? Take it a step further and turn your tiny front yard into a community area! With a community garden, flower beds and maybe even a mini lending library, you give your neighbors permission to spend more time in your yard, working together in the sunshine.

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