When decorating to to create a fun and unique abode for yourself, it’s essential that you consider the entire color scheme. Otherwise, you’ll have a gray living room that looks like everyone else’s. Bright colors are the eye catching secret to making a space feel like you. And if there is one color that is really on the unusual spectrum, it’s chartreuse. This bright greenish yellow has a happy feel to it, no matter what space you put it in. So whether you’re ready to embrace chartreuse with both arms or you want to try it out first, here are 10 ways to get your home poppin’ with chartreuse.

One great way to make your house stand out on your street is to paint your front door a nice bright color. A chartreuse front door will tell the neighborhood about the fun happy family that lives inside.

No matter where you put it, chartreuse is going to catch all the eyes. So you might as well make it something worth looking at with a big statement piece for your wall. It’s a great way to show it off without painting an entire wall.{found on cwbarchitects}.

Want a chartreuse option that is more spring-y and less permanent? Time to do your throw pillow research. Get the pillows or covers for your bed and your sofa to make your whole home look fresh and vivacious.

As you’re fluffing those chartreuse throw pillows, you might consider adding a few more chartreuse accents to bring it all together. A pouf, a print and maybe some bright flowers will make an easy solution for a cohesive space.

Who doesn’t love a fresh set of curtains. If you’re thinking it’s time for a change, definitely consider chartreuse curtains. Buy them in a heavy fabric so they block light and retain privacy but no matter what you choose, that bright color will make them look as light as a feather.

Curtains, pillows, art, they’re all places you would sort of expect to find a bright color. To achieve that element of surprise in your decor, paint an interior door in chartreuse. It will make you happy each time you visit the pantry or laundry room.

You know what else you can paint chartreuse? Cabinets! While you definitely need a more modern style to pull this off, chartreuse cabinets would make the liveliest kitchen for hosting, no matter what season it is.

Yes, believe it or not, they do make chartreuse furniture. Just imagine walking into your living room and that accent chair in the corner is chartreuse. It would take your space to a whole new level and open up all kinds of decorating opportunities.

When you want to make your space flow with the rest of your chartreuse home, it’s time to consider wallpaper. A statement wall in a chartreuse pattern might be just the thing that your contemporary house needs.

If all else fails and you really need that biggest dose of chartreuse, grab your paintbrush. Pick a room like a bathroom or a laundry room and get to it! You are sure to wake up the space and create the most unique home that’s perfect for you.

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