We’ve got a love/hate relationship with travel Instagrams. On one hand, those perfectly set-up brunch photos in hotels overlooking the ocean (you know the type) are gorgeous. On the other hand, who can afford to jet-set off to a new tropical location every other week? Budget travel may not seem as glamorous, but it doesn’t have to be all hostels and questionable street food. These 10 Instagram accounts prove that traveling on a budget can be just as fun —plus, it’s better for your bank account.
Kash Bhattacharya, @budgettraveller
The National Geographic Travel Blogger of the Year knows a thing or two about traveling in style. Kash Bhattacharya’s wallet-friendly approach to travel makes him one of the predominant budget travel bloggers, living by a “luxury on a budget” mantra. Follow him to discover tips ranging from the best luxe hostels to the top free museums worldwide.
Dani Heinrich, @globetrottergirls
Self-proclaimed nomad Dani took a bold step and quit her day job to travel the world. If her Instagram feed is any indication, the decision paid off: her life is a wanderlust-inspiring trip around the world, grounded in a practical approach. Since she doesn’t have a home base, her tips on finding accommodation whilst abroad are well-tested. Her biggest (and most surprising) suggestion? Housesitting. She’s even written a book about it!
Johnny Ward, @onestep4ward
Johnny Ward is a walking success story. After starting out broke, he now makes upwards of $1 million traveling the world. His Instagram and successful blog chronicle his travels and show people how to follow in his footsteps. And considering he’s visited every country in the world, we’d say that following in his footsteps is not a bad move.
Budget Travel, @budgettravel
This Instagram has a corresponding magazine published six times a year, but their social media is where you interact with the budget traveler community. Using the hashtag #mybudgettravel, users can browse through fellow travelers’ photographs and get inspiration for their next trip. The magazine’s digital site publishes long-form guides to the most affordable spots worldwide, giving you all the info you need for money-savvy travel.
Liz Carlson, @youngadventuress
Liz’s distinctive and hilarious voice keeps it real, meaning that you can count on her for honest reviews of every place she visits. She travels a lot (usually alone) and her no-fuss approach to travel makes The Young Adventuress your one-stop-shop for learning everything you need to know about a destination — like how to avoid getting charged by elephants on safari— before you travel. 
The Poor Traveler, @thepoortraveler
Another rags-to-riches success story, The Poor Traveler markets itself as “the rich blog for the budget traveler”. Run by travelling duo Yoshke and Vins, the Instagram is a preview of the longer-form content found on the eponymous blog. There, you can find extensive budget travel guides to virtually every country in the world, so when you’ve had your fill of inspiring beach photos you can head over to the site to figure out how to make your dream beach vacation happen. 
Elena Nikolova, @muslimtravelgirl
This colorful Instagram is dedicated to efforts of exploring the world without breaking the bank. Expect helpful tips and recommendations in the captions, like when to avoid taking taxis to save money or when to get the best flight deals. The bright-colored pics are enough to make you want to book a flight ASAP.
Alex Block, @alexblock
OK, so this one might not exactly be a budget travel-specific Instagram per se, but Alex Block’s vibrantly-colored, perfectly-captured feed is worth a follow. While Block is not himself on a budget, his paragraph-long captions are in-depth and super helpful for those looking for the inside scoop. Scroll through for thorough run-downs of everything from the most economically-friendly type of accommodation in Thailand to his spending diary for day in Myanmar.
Aileen Adalid, @i_am_aileen
“Digital nomad” Aileen Adalid quit her job to pursue her dreams (notice a pattern?) three years ago and went from being a broke traveler to a full-time blogger. Today she shares her tips on how people can do the same on a budget through her Instagram and blog. Her photos of pink sand beaches and helicopter rides over New York City are enough to make you want to follow in her footsteps.
Lucy Dodsworth, @lucydodsworth
For those who are less committed to the idea of fully roughing it, this Instagram is for you. Part-time traveler Lucy Dodsworth has had her share of dorms and overnight buses, and is sharing her tips on how you can stick to a budget whilst still adding small touches of luxury to your travels. Follow her for tips off the beaten path, like where to catch the sunset but avoid the tourists in Santorini and why you should visit the sewers —no, really— of Paris.