Whether you’re looking to sell your home or are simply ready for a change and looking long-term, there are certain renovations you can make to your home that will add value. The key is to keep in mind broad appeal if you’re selling – what changes will appeal to the greatest number of people? –and functionality and satisfaction if you’re remodeling for yourself – what changes will make your quality of life better? Here are ten value-adding home interior ideas to consider.

Paint it.

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. But, hands down, probably the number one easiest and most cost-effective improvements you can make to your home interior (and exterior) is paint. A freshly painted room looks updated and clean, which translates into greater value. If you’re looking to sell, consider the fact that neutrals are the most broadly attractive colors. But don’t be afraid to paint your home how you like it, if you’re going to be there awhile!

Get techy.

Of course, this is an update that can get expensive in a hurry, but there are definitely some tech-forward improvements that you can make to your home that will add instant value. USB outlet plugs, a technology-savvy entertainment center, or something as simple as a designated space for tablets and laptops will go a long way toward lending the entire space a technologically forward vibe.

Of course, for a simple and budget friendly solution, you can also give the illusion of modern technology with a few strategically placed LED or contemporary lighting fixtures.

Undergo a minor kitchen remodel.

In the kitchen, remodeling can certainly begin to spin out of control, which is what we don’t want. A minor remodel in the kitchen averages about an 83% return on investment and includes things such as updating cabinet faces, installing energy-efficient appliances, replacing laminate countertops, and more.

You can definitely alter the whole value of your home by what the kitchen offers, so keep this in mind.

Check out your flooring.

Worn flooring, especially carpets and rugs, can sneak up on you. So much so that you may not even realize the wear and tear they exhibit, just because you’re used to seeing it. Take a good, hard look at your flooring and make any changes you see are needed. Bring in a new area rug or two, or get your carpets cleaned by the professionals.

Install stylish storage.

Sure, we all love storage. And no one will turn up their nose at the home that has roomfuls of extra storage. But in real life, storage is premium, and often we can’t fit any more storage “hidden away” in our homes. The solution?

Incorporate beautiful, stylish storage options that are out in the open. Floating shelves, for example, provide “wall art” opportunities, contemporary style, and practical storage solutions.

Remodel / update the bathroom.

Experts say that the average return on investment of a bathroom remodel is 74%. So, it stands to reason, that anything you can do to help a bathroom be or appear newer will be a major value-add. Things like great sink faucets and/or sinks, functional vanities, and practical accessories will certainly enhance your home’s attractiveness.

Note that over-large bathrooms, particularly where they eat up square footage from other rooms such as bedrooms, will actually not add value but have the reverse effect.

Swap out old hardware for new.

Small-scale, detail-oriented updates will make a big difference in how fresh and updated your home feels. Particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, installing fresh hardware will provide an instant facelift, even if the larger pieces (e.g., cupboards, vanities, etc.) are more dated. Small investment, big impact.

Create open rooms.

This is a huge demand for many people’s home interiors these days – an open concept floor plan, where the family can be together regardless of the particular activity they’re involved in. Gone are the days that cooking, eating, and reading a book are separate activities that require separate living spaces.

If it’s possible, creating an open floor plan will add value to your home like very few other alterations will.

Get organized.

This is probably a more obscure “tip” for home interior and value-adding, but it’s an important one nonetheless. An organized home feels more spacious, because there is less clutter and there is a place for everything.

This is appealing (which = greater value) because it makes the home feel like it’s enough, or even more than enough, rather than the alternative, which is a cramped, messy space.

Enhance light-ness.

Design strategies such as hanging a single large mirror, updating window treatments (or removing them completely), and staging furniture to capitalize on a feeling of spaciousness will go a long way in visually increasing the perceived square footage of your home. We all love the feeling of a spacious, airy interior.

You may be able to enhance that perception by doing nothing more than strategically hanging a large decorative mirror, which visually doubles the space.

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