Cool DIY Fidget Spinners

1. Ultimate LEGO Fidget Spinner

Unlike most LEGO fidget spinners, this one comes with an incredibly long spin duration – all thanks to those ball bearings installed in the middle. Almost everything needed for the project can be found within the LEGO Classic’s Medium Brick Box.

2. Resin Fidget Spinner DIY

A paper stencil works as the foundation to put together the basic shape of this spinner made out of polyester resin and blue food coloring. However, this one calls for a machine to chop off the excess, further adding the bearings.

3. Wooden Fidget Spinner

The most interesting thing about this rustic fidget spinner is its shape that replaces the regular curved edges of the toy with a more geometrical, triangular-shaped perimeter. Surely something for those who love out-of-the-box stuff!

4. Fidget Spinner in 100 Seconds

As unconventional as it can get, this fidget spinner made entirely out of a bicycle chain, and of course, a ball bearing gets all set in no more than 100 seconds. And yes, it flaunts a lovely circular shape.

5. DIY Fidget Spinner Without Bearings

Looking for a do-it-yourself fidget spinner that takes just a few items already lying around the house? This cuteness made with 4 bottle caps, some glitter, glue, a few coins, a toothpick, scissors and paper is all you need!

6. DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner

Undoubtedly, a spinner that not only spins but also melts when it’s heated to a certain temperature is an extraordinary concept that comes to life with gallium liquid metal going into the making. A plasticine mold is used for the construction.

7. 3 Simple Parts DIY Fidget Spinner

As the title suggests, this DIY fidget spinner calls only for 2 simple parts, specifically a soda cap, a ball bearing and 3 metal nuts. Each of the nuts works as the blades of the spinner, and the small size makes it perfect for little hands.

8. No-Bearing DIY Fidget Spinner

Taking your breath away with all the glam and glitz it comes with, this DIY fidget spinner can be personalized with a coating of lots of glitter or bright embellishments. Four bottle caps stuck together go for the basic structure.

9. Metal Ring DIY Fidget Spinner

The industrial appeal sported by this stunning fidget spinner makes it hard to believe that it’s a make-at-home affair. A few metal rings are welded together, further installing ball bearings at the appropriate places.

10. Paper Cardboard Fidget Spinner

Even the kiddos can craft this super easy version of a fidget spinner that goes for paper cardboard for the construction, adding coins or buttons for the much-needed weight on the blades. Go for a rainbow theme or customize the spinner according to your whims and choices.

Whether it’s something as simple as bottle caps, a cardboard cutout adorned with pretty buttons, or simply a bicycle chain assembled in a clever fashion – the above tutorials make it oh so easy to put together a DIY Fidget Spinner all by yourself!

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